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Top SAT Courses in New Haven, CT

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Top SAT Courses in New Haven, CT

The SAT is the last big academic challenge for many students, at least at the high school level. Your child’s score on this standardized test is weighed heavily upon by college admissions offices. A good score increases their chances of getting into a local school such as the University of New Haven. While your student might have excelled in their classes, the format of the SAT can throw them off. A New Haven SAT course from Veritas Prep can help your child hone their study skills and confidence ahead of the test, so contact an academic advisor to learn more about course options.

A measure of college readiness, SAT scores are based on the questions your student answers correctly. Scores range from 200-800 in the Reading/Writing and Language section, and 200-800 in the Math section. Your child has 3 hours to complete the exam. With the optional essay, graded from 6-24 based on their writing fluency, there are 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete the SAT.

Our New Haven SAT course consists of interactive video lessons. Held entirely online, the course’s on-demand lessons can be accessed whenever is most convenient for your child. Live homework help is available on a regular basis as well, where instructors can provide assistance with any challenging topic along the way. Your child can also use the various supplementary learning materials that are available as part of the flexible course.

Additional materials available with the New Haven SAT course include lesson content, books, homework guides, and study plans. All of these can help your child improve upon SAT preparation, so they get much-needed practice. The format of the test proves challenging to many students, who may be experiencing this type of exam for the first time. A New Haven SAT course can help students build test-taking strategies and learn study tips so your child can become more comfortable with the format and more confident in their abilities.

Whether your child plans to attend Southern Connecticut State University of Gateway Community College or aspires to an Ivy League education, the SAT could be an important test. Students in New Haven are familiar with how essential their academic performance is. There are many notable centers for higher education here, including Yale University. If your child could use help with studying, contact Veritas Prep by phone or via online form to learn more about our New Haven SAT courses that are available to them.

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