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Top SAT Courses in Minneapolis, MN

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Top SAT Courses in Minneapolis, MN

The SAT is a high-stakes exam taken by high school juniors and seniors in the Minneapolis area as part of the college admissions process. The SAT is accepted by institutions around the country, providing the convenience of applying to local schools such as Augsburg University and out-of-state colleges using one test score. If you’ve been looking into professional assistance with your test prep, Veritas Prep offers a comprehensive Minneapolis SAT course to help you feel more confident on exam day.

The SAT has a total of four sections: Writing/Language, Reading, Mathematics, and Essay. Writing/Language measures a test-taker’s command of English conventions through sentence completions and vocabulary questions. Reading consists primarily of multiple-choice items regarding a provided reading passage. Passages can be about anything, but students do not need any prior knowledge in order to answer the questions. These sections are scored together on a scale from 200-800.

The Mathematics section tests a student’s knowledge of quantitative topics such as probability, geometry, and algebra. It is divided into two subsections, one of which allows the use of an approved calculator. Both sub-sections are scored on the same 200-800 scale used above, and the two totals are added together to produce a final grade ranging from 400-1,600.

The Essay section is optional and your score is reported on a separate scale from the rest of the exam. Certain schools may require applicants to submit an Essay score, so you should look into whether you need to take it or not. In all, you have three hours and 50 minutes for the SAT (including 50 minutes for the Essay).

Our Minneapolis SAT course consists of pre-recorded test prep materials such as interactive lessons and comprehensive guidebooks to fortify your independent study. Everything is accessible on-demand on your favorite mobile device, so you can study anywhere with a stable internet connection. You can even pause a video on one device and resume it on a different one for additional convenience.

Each Minneapolis SAT course also includes regular access to live homework help, enabling you to ask an expert whenever you have questions. We understand that some students prefer to work alone, but that’s no reason to pass up the opportunity to receive expert advice!

If you would like to learn more about our Minneapolis SAT courses or any of the other test prep packages we provide, please contact an academic advisor using the information below to discuss how we may be able to help you. Let’s reach for your academic potential together!

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