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Top SAT Courses in Houston, TX

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Top SAT Courses in Houston, TX

High school students in the Houston, Texas, area usually take the SAT as they prepare their applications for college. The SAT is a high-stakes exam typically taken during your junior or senior year to fulfill the standardized testing requirements for post-secondary schools around the country. If you would like to prepare for this difficult test on your own time, Veritas Prep offers a Houston SAT course to help guide your independent study.

The SAT has four sections total: Writing and Language, Reading, Mathematics, and an optional Essay. The test’s Writing and Language section covers topics such as vocab, sentence completions, and English grammar. Its Reading section consists of reading comprehension questions. Both are scored together and converted to a 200-800 scale that comprises half of your final SAT grade.

The SAT’s Math section stresses geometry and algebra, though other topics such as probability may appear as well. It is divided into two halves, one of which allows the use of an approved calculator (not your smartphone). Both halves are scored on a 200-800 scale to produce the other half of your final grade.

The SAT’s Essay is technically optional, but some schools may mandate it for their applicants. You only have 50 minutes to plan and compose your piece, so working from an outline is generally recommended. It’s scored on a scale from 6-24 reported separately from the rest of the exam.

Our Houston SAT course contains electronic guidebooks, interactive lessons, question banks, and informative videos to help you prepare for exam day. Everything is available on-demand on all of your favorite mobile devices, permitting you to study when and where you want to. You can also pause something on one device and resume it on another to take total control over your study experience.

Each Houston SAT course also includes regular live homework help to answer any questions you might have. Competing products typically force students to resolve any issues themselves, a practice that could lead to working with misinformation. Access to an expert ensures that you can get a trustworthy response whenever you need one!

Whether you hope to attend Rice University or a school outside of the state of Texas, a good score on the SAT could help you work toward your goals. Veritas Prep offers an extensive collection of test prep products to help students of varying needs and budgets. If you would like to learn more about our Houston SAT course or any of our other products, please reach out to an academic advisor using the information provided below to discuss all of the options available to you. We eagerly anticipate hearing from you!

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