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Top SAT Courses in Harrisburg, PA

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Top SAT Courses in Harrisburg, PA

If you are a junior or senior level student at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania high school, you already know that you need to take the SAT or ACT to pursue admissions at most colleges and universities. Schools like Penn State-Harrisburg and the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology may use your college admissions exam score to try to determine how well you might perform in one of their degree programs. If you’ll be taking the SAT, you will want to prepare for it specifically. There are enough differences between the ACT and SAT that general prep is usually not enough to help you put your best foot forward. Veritas Prep can help you with our Harrisburg SAT course.

The SAT is a standardized exam that features three required sections and one optional component. You must complete the Read, Writing and Language, and Math sections. In the Math section, you’ll face a portion where you can use a calculator and one where you can’t. The Reading and Writing sections combine for half of your SAT composite score, and the Math section makes up the other half. The optional SAT Writing section earns its own score on a separate scale and is not part of your composite.

With our Harrisburg SAT course, you get the tools and resources you need to study effectively on your own and on your schedule. We give you detailed interactive SAT video lessons that you can stream on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. We also provide a guidebook that follows these lessons. The guidebook allows you to go in-depth into the topics covered on the SAT.

Our Harrisburg SAT course also provides a parent’s guide. If your child will be the one taking the exam, this material gives you information to help them prepare effectively. If a student gets stuck while studying for the exam, they can access live homework help to get an explanation from an instructor as well.

As an added bonus when you sign up for a Harrisburg SAT course, we set you up for a free consultation with an SAT admissions consultant. This person can share their insight on your college applications.

If studying what you want to focus on when you want to do it sounds like a good plan to you, then sign up for a Harrisburg SAT course today. Academic advisors are standing by to help you get started.

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