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Top SAT Courses in Columbia, SC

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Top SAT Courses in Columbia, SC

Many high school upperclassmen yearn to go to college. Some of these students attend schools that offer the SAT exam, though there are students who choose to take it as well. Does this test make you feel a bit nervous? Do you wish there was a program that could help you out? Fortunately, there is a program that you can check out to assist you with the exam: a Columbia SAT course provided by Veritas Prep. Please reach out to an academic advisor for more information.

The SAT is an exam that colleges like Columbia International University and Benedict College use to decide who to admit in their schools. The test contains three sections: Writing and Language, Mathematics, and Reading. (The Mathematics section is split into two portions: one with a calculator and one without.) Additionally, there’s an optional Essay section. On the three mandatory sections, students will receive a score ranging between 400 to 1600 with subscores between 200 to 800. If they decide to work on the Essay portion, they’ll receive a score of 6 to 24. Pupils have three hours and fifty minutes to complete the exam.

A Columbia SAT course through Veritas Prep is designed for those who enjoy studying at their own pace. When you sign up for this program, you get on-demand, high-definition video lessons. With a video, you can view a portion of the lesson, pause it when necessary, and come back to finish it at a later time. This course also grants you regular access to a live homework help instructor. It even includes a Parent’s Guide to the SAT, so that your parent(s) can lend you a hand in your studies. All of these products are available for download to your laptop or any other mobile device.

In addition, a Columbia SAT course provides handy supplementary tools like comprehensive lesson books that follow along with the video lessons. By going over these learning materials, you get a feel for the exam’s structure and timing, plus receive some handy tips to use when test day arrives. There’s also a free admissions consultation, a service that guides you on colleges that match your profile and measures your chances of admission.

Regardless of your post-secondary goals, we at Veritas Prep do everything possible to help you out in your test-taking journey. If you think that a Columbia SAT course is right for you, please contact us via phone or email today.

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