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Top SAT Classes in Tulsa, OK

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Top SAT Classes in Tulsa, OK

There are many well-known and respected colleges in Tulsa, Oklahoma including The University of Tulsa, Virginia College-Tulsa Campus, and Oklahoma State University. Getting admitted to a school like one of those listed above can often depend on scores on admissions exams like the SAT. However, preparing for a large exam like the SAT can be tough. If you are looking for SAT prep for your child, consider signing them up for a Tulsa SAT class. Get in touch with an academic advisor through Veritas Prep to learn more about how SAT classes can help your child develop a solid study plan.

The SAT is one standardized exam that can help colleges figure out how ready for college the applicant is. The exam has three required sections including Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics. The SAT also has an optional essay. Your child will be given 3 hours to complete the exam if they do not take the essay and 3 hours and 50 minutes if they do. Their score will range from 400 to 1600 depending on the number of questions they answer correctly. The total score on the Essay section will range from 6 to 24 depending on how well your child writes.

A Tulsa SAT class is an effective and efficient way for your child to get the help that they need to work towards doing their best on test day. Veritas Prep’s SAT classes are online in virtual classrooms with live instructors. These instructors cover every inch of the material while also answering your child’s questions and introducing them to tips and techniques to boost your score. Veritas Prep offers Tulsa SAT classes that can fit into your child’s busy schedule. Sessions run concurrently, ensuring that even the busiest student has a chance to take advantage of the resources.

If your child is signed up for an SAT class through Veritas Prep, they will get to make use of the wide variety of self-study supplements. For instance, they can utilize the advanced video lessons, in-depth lesson guidebooks, and a parental guide to the SAT. Additionally, these resources can be accessed from any device including tablets, smartphones, and computers for further convenience. All of the online materials ensure that your child always has access to many study resources that they can utilize as they need them to reach towards their fullest potential on test day.

If you are ready to get started with a Tulsa SAT class, contact an academic advisor by phone or online today.

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