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Top SAT Classes in Tampa, FL

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Top SAT Classes in Tampa, FL

The SAT is a standardized test commonly used in college admissions. Whether you are applying to a school such as the University of Southern Florida or the University of Tampa, a good score on the SAT can make your application more attractive. Tampa SAT classes from Veritas Prep are a special opportunity to jumpstart your SAT preparation.

The SAT contains three mandatory sections. The Math section is scored from 200 to 800 and is multiple choice. The Reading section and the Writing and Language section are also multiple choice. However, despite being separate sections, they share a score from 200 to 800. Additionally, there is a separate Essay section that is optional. The Essay section is scored from 6 to 24. The scores from the three main sections are combined into a composite score that ranges from 400 to 1600. The Essay section is always scored separately because it is optional. The mandatory sections take three hours to complete, and the Essay section adds 50 minutes to the test time.

For those who want the collaborative atmosphere found in a classroom for their SAT prep, Tampa SAT classes feature live instruction in a virtual classroom. Tampa SAT class instructors have all scored well on the SAT. You and your classmates can dialogue with each other and the instructor and the instructor is able to tailor the class time to the needs of the group. If the class is struggling with a portion of the Reading section, the instructor can demonstrate reading techniques and lead the class in discussing what the text is saying. Moreover, Tampa SAT classes take place at a variety of times in order to fit a broad number of scheduling needs.

Each Tampa SAT class comes with supplementary materials. These materials include lesson books, ACT question banks, and regular access to live homework assistance. You are able to expand your knowledge of content areas where you struggle. You can familiarize yourself with the sorts of questions on the SAT and you can monitor your progress. The homework assistance allows you to talk through challenging questions even if you are not in class.

Veritas Prep helps you focus your SAT prep. You don’t have to search for adequate resources or people to study alongside. Tampa SAT classes give you expert instruction and great materials, at convenient times. If you believe your SAT prep would benefit from a Tampa SAT class, contact an academic advisor. They can help you register and start your SAT preparation today.

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