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Top SAT Classes in Stockton, CA

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Top SAT Classes in Stockton, CA

Is standardized test season approaching for you? Your school may offer (or you may choose to take) the SAT exam. Do you desire more help with this college admissions test? If so, reach out to Veritas Prep to learn about Stockton SAT classes. A representative here is eager to help you pursue your educational objectives.

The SAT, commonly taken by high school upperclassmen, is an exam that schools like Humphreys University use to measure a potential student’s acumen for college-level academics. The SAT includes four sections: Essay (a voluntary section), Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics. Additionally, it includes subjects like history, science, and English. The Essay section involves reading a passage and analyzing an author’s arguments. You have fifty minutes to finish it. The Writing and Language section has 44 questions with a 35-minute time limit. The Reading section contains 52 questions and has a time limit of 65 minutes. The Mathematics section consists of two subsections: a 55-minute section with a calculator and a 25-minute section without a calculator. These sections have 38 and 20 questions respectively. On the Essay portion, you’ll earn 6 to 24 points. You’ll earn 400 to 1600 points with subpoints of 200 to 800 on the three required sections.

A Stockton SAT class consists of live lessons that take place online. It lasts for five weeks and contains 25 hours of instruction. The teacher who conducts these lessons received a top score on the SAT, so they can address any concerns you have about the exam, plus answer questions. The lessons you engage in aren’t just made up of passive lectures. They include practice exams that you have to take under realistic time frames to experience what it would be like you to take the SAT on test day. If you have after-school or weekend obligations, you don’t need to reschedule anything. That’s because each class runs at different times, making it easy for you to choose one that complements your schedule.

Stockton SAT classes also come with additional learning materials like comprehensive lesson books and thorough study plans to familiarize you with the SAT’s expectations. Therefore, they’re more likely to decrease anxiety and boost confidence.

Whatever path you go on now or in the future, it’s best to prepare for any challenge you take on. Why not do that with a Stockton SAT class? To learn more about this and other Veritas Prep programs, fill out and submit the contact form or phone us today.

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