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Top SAT Classes in Springfield, MA

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Top SAT Classes in Springfield, MA

The SAT is a high-stakes exam commonly taken by high school students in the Springfield, Massachusetts, area as part of the college application process. The test is scored on a 400-1,600 scale, with an optional essay score reported separately. If you are looking to enhance your SAT preparation, Veritas Prep provides a comprehensive Springfield SAT class to help guide your study.

There are four distinct sections on the SAT: Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics, and an Essay. The Reading section consists of multiple-choice questions based on a series of reading passages. A broad range of material is covered, but students do not need any prior knowledge of the subject matter in order to answer the questions. Likewise, the Writing/Language section includes vocabulary, sentence completions, and English grammar questions. Both sections are combined to produce a score from 200-800.

The Mathematics section covers topics such as algebra and geometry. It is divided into two halves: you can use an approved calculator on one, but not the other. Your score on both halves is converted to the 200-800 scale above and then added to your score from the Reading and Writing/Language sections to produce your final SAT grade.

The essay is optional, but some schools may require applicants to submit a score for it. You have 50 minutes to write one essay scored from 6-24.

Our Springfield SAT classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who earned a top score when they took the test. They know all of the best test-taking strategies and can share them with you in real time. For example, there is no longer any penalty for guessing incorrectly on the SAT. Students should plan to answer every question on the test, even if it means guessing on a question that’s taking too long.

We also offer numerous Springfield SAT classes concurrently to make it easier to find one that fits into your life. If you want to study between sessions, every class comes with access to our SAT self-study course for independent study. You get interactive lessons, detailed guidebooks, and other resources to guide your test prep. Everything is accessible on your favorite mobile devices, and you can pause a video on one machine and resume it on another for added convenience.

A great SAT score can help you pursue your ambitions whether you want to attend a local school like Springfield College or travel outside of the state. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking a Springfield SAT class, contact an academic advisor today!

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