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Top SAT Classes in San Antonio, TX

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Top SAT Classes in San Antonio, TX

What are your goals after high school? Perhaps you’re thinking about going to a community college or a university. In order to be accepted in your desired school, you’ll have to take a standardized exam like the SAT. If you want help dealing with test stress and other obstacles, you can enroll in a San Antonio SAT class through Veritas Prep.

The SAT is an exam that schools like Saint Mary’s University use to see if pupils can handle the rigors of college coursework. Juniors and seniors in high school take this test during the months of January, March, May, June, and October through December. The SAT exam is made up of three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math, which is divided into calculator and no-calculator portions. There’s also an optional Essay section. Students will receive a score ranging between 400 to 1600 on the three mandatory sections and a score between 6 to 24 on the Essay section. They have three hours and fifty minutes to complete the exam if they choose to include the Essay portion. If they decide not to include the essay, students have exactly three hours to complete the test.

What’s interesting about a San Antonio SAT class is that it takes place in an online atmosphere, so you can participate in lessons from the comfort of your bedroom. It offers 25 hours of learning over a period of five weeks. Even better, it’s taught by instructors who earned high scores on the SAT, so they can answer your questions or help you with any section you’re struggling to comprehend. There’s even a free Admissions Consultation service to evaluate your chance of admission in a certain school. If you have other responsibilities like homework or an after-school activity, you don’t have to choose between your obligations and SAT lessons. This San Antonio SAT class is held at different times to accommodate your personal schedule.

In addition, you receive supplementary learning tools including comprehensive study plans, lesson books, and a parent’s guide. These learning materials help you get used to the exam’s timing and layout. It’s good to know what to expect so that you can face it head-on.

Whether you’re planning on attending school in the city or outside the state, we at Veritas Prep are willing to assist you with pursuing your scholastic dreams and goals. Do you feel that a San Antonio SAT class can help you? Then contact an academic advisor today through this page or by phone.

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