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Top SAT Classes in Rochester, NY

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Top SAT Classes in Rochester, NY

If you are applying to schools such as the University of Rochester or the Rochester Institute of Technology, a good SAT score could improve your application. If preparing for the SAT feels like a daunting proposition, Veritas Prep offers Rochester SAT classes to provide structure and guidance in preparation.

The SAT contains three mandatory sections which are Math, Writing and Language, and Reading. These sections are in multiple-choice format. Additionally, the SAT offers an optional Essay section. The Math section is scored from 200 to 800. The section on Writing and Language and the section on Reading are distinct sections of the exam, but they share a score from 200 to 800. The main sections of the SAT take three hours to complete, with an extra 50 minutes added on via the optional Essay section.

The main instruction of a Rochester SAT class takes place in a live virtual classroom. Instructors in Rochester SAT classes all scored well on the SAT. You and your classmates can interact in real time with your instructor to ask questions, discuss techniques, and learn collaboratively. The live lectures will guide you through the important areas of content for the SAT from algebra to vocabulary. If the class is struggling in a particular area, your instructor can modify the instructional time to provide examples or demonstrate strategies to help you succeed in that aspect of the exam. Rochester SAT classes are offered at numerous times to give you the opportunity to attend the session that best fits your schedule.

Beyond the benefits of the time in the virtual classroom, Rochester SAT classes offer supplementary materials to enhance your self-study. For example, Lesson books allow you to familiarize yourself with test content and the sorts of questions found on the SAT. In addition to these resources for self-study, you are also able to access online homework help. This live assistance is for challenging homework problems. Even outside of class, you don’t have to get stuck on tricky content.

In a competitive college admissions environment, your SAT prep can have a real impact on your academic career. Rochester SAT classes from Veritas Prep are great resources to make the most of the time you have to prepare for the SAT. With skilled instructors, robust content, and convenient scheduling, a Rochester SAT class can provide ease and structure to your test prep. Academic advisors are available to help you register over the phone or online.

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