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Top SAT Classes in Riverside, CA

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Top SAT Classes in Riverside, CA

The SAT is a college entrance exam that many schools such as the University of California–Riverside or La Sierra University may consider as a part of the admissions criteria. A high SAT score can make your application stronger to the school of your choice. If you want to make the most of your time preparing for the SAT, consider a Riverside SAT class from Veritas Prep.

The SAT contains three sections that you must complete and one optional section. The three required sections are Writing and Language, Math, and Reading. The optional portion of the SAT is the Essay section. All three of the required sections are in multiple-choice format. The mandatory sections are scored from 200 to 800, although it is important to mention that the Reading section and the Writing and Language section are scored together even though they are separate sections. The SAT takes three hours to complete with only the mandatory sections, and three hours and 50 minutes with the Essay section included.

To provide structure to your preparation, Riverside SAT classes take place in a virtual classroom. You and your classmates will hear receive live instruction from a gifted instructor. All instructors in Riverside SAT classes scored well on the SAT. You can ask questions of the instructor, see demonstrations, and learn alongside your peers. As the class progresses, the instructor is able to tailor their teaching to the needs of the class. For example, if many people in the class are struggling with the Reading portion of the SAT, the instructor can demonstrate close reading techniques and other methods to improve reading comprehension. There are several Riverside SAT classes offered simultaneously which allows you to pick the session that fits your life best.

In addition to the benefits of classroom learning, your Riverside SAT class comes with supplementary materials to augment your self-study time. Whether through lesson books or advanced on-demand video lessons, these resources allow you to adapt your studying to your needs. You are able to focus on content areas that are challenging for you specifically. These resources allow you to make the most of your time in and out of class.

Riverside SAT classes from Veritas Prep combine excellent instruction with the ease of online learning. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, contact an academic advisor online or over the phone. These advisors can help get you started on the next step of your SAT prep today.

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