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Top SAT Classes in Portland, OR

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Top SAT Classes in Portland, OR

The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam that many 11th and 12th-grade students take. Schools such as Portland State University or Warner Pacific College may consider your SAT score when evaluating your application. In order to help you prepare as well as possible for this exam, Veritas Prep offers Portland SAT classes.

The SAT has three required sections. These sections are Writing and Language, Math, and Reading. All of the required sections of the SAT are multiple-choice. These sections are scored from 200 to 800, but while Math has its own score, the section on Reading and the Writing and Language section share a score. In addition to the mandatory sections, the SAT includes an optional Essay section, which is scored from 6 to 24. The SAT takes three hours to complete without the Essay section, and it takes three hours and 50 minutes with the Essay section.

Portland SAT classes create a collaborative learning environment in a virtual classroom. Your live interactions with the instructor and your classmates help everyone involved to learn from each other. All instructors in Portland SAT classes scored well on the SAT. You will hear live lectures, see your instructor demonstrate techniques and strategies for taking the SAT, and be able to ask questions. The learning possible in a Portland SAT class is made even more attractive by the flexibility of the program. Classes are offered at a number of times simultaneously. You can pick the session that fits your schedule best, and you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

Also, Portland SAT classes feature excellent self-study materials. These include question banks, lesson books, and video lessons. You will have the resources to expand your understanding of the material on the SAT, prepare a plan for your self-study time, and become more comfortable with the kinds of questions on the SAT. You will be able to access live homework help during regular hours as well. You can benefit from both the structure of a classroom and the freedom of learning on your own.

Portland SAT classes from Veritas Prep are an excellent combination of instruction, resources, and convenience. These classes can give you guidance to prepare well for the SAT at a schedule and in a manner suiting your life. If you are interested in a Portland SAT class, or if you have questions, you can contact an academic advisor online or over the phone. Advisors would be glad to answer your questions or assist you in registering.

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