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Top SAT Classes in Philadelphia, PA

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Top SAT Classes in Philadelphia, PA

High school students who intend to pursue further education once they graduate usually take an assessment like the SAT in their junior or senior year. If you’re taking the SAT soon, you know that the score you receive could make the difference between being accepted into the college of your dreams or having to settle for one that wasn’t at the top of your list. The best way to maximize your score on test day is to be thoroughly prepared. Veritas Prep can help you with that through our Philadelphia SAT classes.

The SAT helps admissions professionals gauge your readiness to succeed in college-level classes. The Reading section and Writing and Language section test your ability to use and recognize correct language mechanics and your ability to understand text passages on a variety of subjects. The maximum score for these sections combined is 800. The Math section tests you on algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, as well as problem-solving skills. You can earn a maximum score of 800 on this section. These three sections are required, and you’re given 3 hours to complete them. The optional Essay section requires you to explain how an author builds an argument in a given passage, and you can earn a maximum score of 24. You are allowed an additional 50 minutes for the essay.

When you sign up for one of our Philadelphia SAT classes, you can attend a section that meets at a convenient time for you. You meet virtually through the Internet with a live instructor and other virtual students, and you can interact with all of them. The instructor provides comprehensive coverage of the SAT material, along with strategies for managing your time and understanding how questions are worded.

You receive a variety of supplemental study materials along with the Philadelphia SAT class, including interactive video lessons, detailed guidebooks, and a parent’s guide to the SAT. You are also allowed regular access to homework help in case you run into a question outside of class hours. Whether you’re considering top area schools like the University of Pennsylvania or Swarthmore College, or you plan to travel further, doing well on the SAT can open doors to your future.

Veritas Prep developed our Philadelphia SAT class because we take pride in helping students like you work towards achieving the future you dream of. Contact an academic advisor today to discuss any questions you have. We’re excited to begin working with you.

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