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Top SAT Classes in Oxnard, CA

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Top SAT Classes in Oxnard, CA

Students often take tests like the SAT while in their final two years of high school. Prestigious institutions, such as Oxnard College, may use college assessment exams like this test to determine whether an applicant would perform well in the rigors of a college-level course. Obtaining high scores on this exam could make a difference in your child’s chances of gaining acceptance to their dream school. Your child doesn’t have to study on their own for this test. Contact Veritas Prep to obtain more information an Oxnard SAT class for your child.

Spanning three hours and 50 minutes, the SAT contains one optional Essay section and three mandatory sections in Math, Writing and Language, and Reading. The Math portion provides 200-800 points on your score. The Writing and Language and Reading sections offer 100-400 points each for a combined total of 200-800. The Essay is scored on a scale of 6-24. If your child learns best when working with a group, consider signing them up for Oxnard SAT classes as they prepare for the test.

Each Oxnard SAT class is held entirely online via a virtual classroom environment. Classes span five weeks for 25 hours of study altogether. Your child can interact with their classmates freely, as well as with their instructor. Led by a top-scoring teacher, your child can enjoy direct access to an expert who has been in their shoes. The teacher may spend time introducing their students to the exam and its formatting, walking them through pacing and other requirements. Classes may take practice tests, solve SAT problems, and listen to lectures from their instructor. Your child can ask questions and view demonstrations for different types of problems.

In addition to access to class, your child can use a multitude of online learning tools for studying outside of class. They can download or stream interactive lesson videos straight from their computer or smartphone. They can read through comprehensive lesson guides and explore in-depth study plans. Your child can even join regular homework help sessions online led by experts who can answer any questions they may have. Furthermore, there is a parent’s guide to the SAT that you can explore to find ways to support your child’s test prep.

Get in touch with an academic advisor at Veritas Prep by filling out the contact form on this page or giving us a call. We can help you get more information on the benefits your child can enjoy from Oxnard SAT classes.

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