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Top SAT Classes in New Orleans, LA

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Top SAT Classes in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana, offers its students many options for pursuing their degree including Loyola University New Orleans, Tulane University, and Xavier University of Louisiana. These schools and thousands of others often require their applicants to submit test scores from exams such as the SAT. However, many young students struggle to prepare adequately for such a comprehensive exam. If your child is in need of some extra help with their test preparation, consider enrolling them in a New Orleans SAT class. An SAT class can positively impact their current study plans.

Earning a high score on the SAT is one way that your child can prove their readiness during the application process. The SAT consists of three sections which include Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. Additionally, your child can take the optional Essay section if they choose to. They will be given 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish the exam with the Essay and 3 hours without it. Also, your child will be offered one ten-minute break and one five-minute break during this time. Afterward, they will receive a score between 400 and 1600 on the three required sections, and between 6 and 24 on the Essay section.

A New Orleans SAT class is one great way to get your child help if they enjoy a traditional learning environment. Veritas Prep’s SAT classes are held online in virtual classrooms with experienced instructors. Also, they are run concurrently so your child can log in and catch a class when it fits into their busy schedule. Their instructor is someone who has plenty of knowledge and experience, and they can answer your child’s questions and give them study tips and strategies for maximizing their score.

Students who take an SAT class through Veritas Prep also get to use many self-study resources from their phones, tablets, or computers. Some of these resources include advanced video lessons, in-depth guidebooks, and a parental SAT guide. These online resources ensure that your child always has access to study materials that can help them reach their fullest potential.

If you are ready to get your child the help that they need with a New Orleans SAT class, reach out to an academic advisor from Veritas Prep today. You can contact an advisor through the contact form on this page or by giving us a call at the number that is also on this page. We look forward to helping your child and giving you peace of mind.

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