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Top SAT Classes in Miami, FL

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Top SAT Classes in Miami, FL

Miami, Florida, has many respected colleges, including the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and Florida International University. Getting into a college like this is often based on many factors. One thing that many colleges require during the admissions process is for students to submit scores from entrance exams like the SAT. If you would like to get your child help during the test prep process, consider signing them up for a Miami SAT class. Contact an academic advisor from Veritas Prep to learn more about how an SAT class can make a positive impact on your child’s study plans.

The SAT is a standardized exam with three sections including Mathematics, Writing and Language, and Reading. There is also an optional Essay section for those who wish or need to take it. Your child will have 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete the exam with the Essay section and 3 hours without it. Your child will receive a score from 400 to 1600 on the three required sections, and 6 to 24 on the Essay. Their skills will be measured in grammar, problem-solving, algebra, geometry, and more. To get your child the help they need on exam day, consider signing them up for a Miami SAT class.

A Miami SAT class is a great way to help your child improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their test prep process. Veritas Prep’s SAT classes have live instructors who present in virtual classrooms. These instructors are well acquainted with the format and timing of the exam, and they can shed some light on it for your child. Also, their instructor can answer their questions and give them tips and strategies for maximizing their score.

Students who sign up for a Miami SAT class through Veritas Prep will also get access to many self-study supplements. For instance, your child can use online SAT resources such as video lessons and live homework help from the comfort of your home. These online resources can be accessed from your child’s phone, tablet, or computer for maximum convenience.

A Veritas Prep SAT class can give your child the boost they need in their SAT prep process. If you believe that your child would benefit from all of the resources listed above, contact an academic advisor from Veritas Prep. You can use the convenient form located on this page or call the number located on this page as well. A skilled academic advisor would love to discuss your child’s needs with you.

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