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Top SAT Classes in Memphis, TN

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Top SAT Classes in Memphis, TN

Most students looking to enter a university after high school will have to take a college entrance exam of some kind. For many, that exam will be the SAT. Scores from the SAT are used by some universities to determine eligibility for entrance. Bearing that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you know what to expect on test day. Luckily, there are great Memphis SAT classes available that can help shed light on challenging aspects of the test. Veritas Prep can assist you in finding and enrolling in a class that is right for you.

The SAT is comprised of three mandatory sections that include Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. These sections are scored from 200 to 800. The Math section is made up of two distinct sections. One allows the use of a calculator while the other one does not. The optional portion of the test is the Essay. The Essay section is scored from 6 to 24. All total, test-takers are given a maximum time of 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete all portions of the test.

There are a lot of great benefits of taking a Memphis ACT class. The most obvious perk is the chance to get to work with a top-notch instructor who is a top scorer on the test. This means that they’ve been in the same situation that you’ve been in and have developed strategies that they can share. Instructors can provide valuable insights into challenging material and can give tips on how to best prepare for the test. You can reach out to your online instructor with questions about any materials that may be hard to grasp.

Another great perk of Memphis ACT classes is the wealth of extra materials that are provided. You’ll have access to a helpful online resources that include online video lessons and guidebooks. These materials can help deepen your knowledge in between lessons. What’s more, these materials are downloadable to your tablet or smartphone, meaning that your learning can continue while you are on the go. You’ll also have access to live homework help outside of your class.

If flexibility is an issue, you’ll be pleased to know that Memphis ACT classes allow you to choose the time that is the best fit for your schedule. As classes run concurrently, there are many time slots to choose from, meaning that you can have the freedom and flexibility that you desire.

If you are looking to enter the University of Memphis or some other great school, Memphis ACT classes can be a big help. Contact Veritas Prep online or by phone to find out what options will help you take control of your learning.

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