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Top SAT Classes in Louisville, KY

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Top SAT Classes in Louisville, KY

Taking the SAT is a common path for people who wish to apply to colleges or universities. It is an important standardized test, and a good score can improve a person’s application to schools such as the University of Louisville or Spalding University. If you want to study for the SAT in a convenient manner with a gifted instructor, a Veritas Prep Louisville SAT class might be a good option for you.

The SAT consists of three mandatory multiple choice sections and one optional Essay section. The three mandatory sections are Mathematics, Reading, and Writing and Language. Each of the multiple choice portions is combined into a composite score that ranges from 400-1600. Combined, the three mandatory sections take three hours to complete. The optional essay takes an additional 50 minutes to complete and is scored separately from 6 to 24.

A Louisville SAT class is comprised of 25 hours of instruction in a virtual classroom. All Louisville SAT class instructors received excellent scores on the SAT. You will interact with other students and the instructor in real time in the virtual classroom. If, for example, multiple people in the class have questions about a certain aspect of the English section of the test, the instructor can take extra time to dive deeper into that subject. You have the opportunities for learning in a group that an in-person class offers while also having the convenience of not having to travel for classes. There are multiple Louisville SAT classes offered at once so you can simply pick one that meets at a time that fits your needs.

Beyond the benefits of the scheduled class, Louisville SAT classes come with access to stellar additional materials that supplement the classroom instruction. These materials allow you to direct your studies further in a particular direction outside of class, to answer practice questions, or to watch on-demand demand video lessons. There are also study and lesson guides that make it possible to experience the positive aspects of more instructor focused learning as well as the advantages of self directed, flexible learning.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the flexible scheduling, excellent instruction, and in-depth materials of a Louisville SAT class, contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor today. You can reach advisors online or over the phone. These classes are a great opportunity to improve your preparedness for the SAT and put yourself in a position to do your best on the exam.

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