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Top SAT Classes in Los Angeles, CA

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Top SAT Classes in Los Angeles, CA

The city of Los Angeles might be known for the glamor of Hollywood, but high school students in the area still take a college admissions test like the SAT at the beginning of the college application process. The SAT is a standardized exam with near-universal acceptance at the undergrad level, allowing students to use their score to apply to local school such as UCLA and institutions outside of the state of California. If you’ve been looking into Los Angeles SAT classes, Veritas Prep offers one of the best in the business.

The SAT has four sections: Mathematics, Writing and Language, Reading, and an optional Essay. The Math section consists of multiple-choice questions on topics such as geometry and algebra. It is divided into two subsections, one of which allows the use of an approved calculator.

The SAT’s Writing/Language component includes multiple-choice questions about vocabulary and grammar. It is scored with the Reading section, which measures a test-taker’s reading comprehension skills through a series of questions about provided reading passages.

While the Essay is optional on the SAT, certain schools may expect every applicant to provide an Essay score. You only have 50 minutes to compose an original essay, so solid outlining skills are recommended to help you finish on time.

Our Los Angeles SAT classes are taught by instructors who earned top scores on their own tests, making them a valuable source of trustworthy information pertaining to the exam’s structure and formatting. Each instructor also takes the time to stay current on all of the latest SAT news. For example, there is no longer any penalty for guessing incorrectly on the test. Our class therefore stresses time management tips to help students answer every question.

Our Los Angeles SAT classes also take place in our innovative online classroom, allowing you to receive live instruction without the hassle of physically attending classes. You can interact with your teacher and your peers in real time, fostering a collaborative learning environment as everyone strives for their academic goals.

If you wish to study between class sessions, each class also includes access to our self-study SAT course. You get digital access to practice tests, informative guidebooks, and interactive lessons to guide your prep. Everything is available on-demand too, so you can study anywhere with a solid internet connection.

Whether you hope to attend UCLA or a school outside of the state, a Los Angeles SAT class from Veritas Prep could help you reach for your goals. Contact an academic advisor today for more info!

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