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Top SAT Classes in Knoxville, TN

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Top SAT Classes in Knoxville, TN

The city of Knoxville, Tennessee, has many well-known colleges including Knoxville Colleges, the University of Tennessee, and Johnson University. Getting into one of these schools is dependent on many factors, including scores from college entrance exams such as the SAT. However, preparing to take a college entrance exam such as the SAT can be a difficult process. If you are a parent of a child who is preparing to enter college, and you want your child to be fully prepared, consider signing them up for a Knoxville SAT class.

The SAT is used to measure your child’s readiness for college. The exam has three sections that are required including Writing and Language, Reading, and Math. There is also an optional Writing section that they may choose to take, especially if they are considering a major like journalism, teaching, or anything with a lot of writing involved. They will have 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete the exam when they complete the Essay. If they do not do the Essay, they will have three hours. The required sections are scored together somewhere from 400 to 1600, depending on how many questions they answer correctly. The Essay is scored from 6-24.

A Knoxville SAT class can help your child become more efficient in their studying process. Veritas Prep’s Knoxville SAT classes have live instructors that present from virtual classrooms. Classes run concurrently, so your child can catch one when they have the time. The instructors have all taken the exam and know exactly what to expect, so they can prepare your child accordingly. Classes offer flexibility and the chance for your child to work with knowledgeable instructors, so you know that they are getting the help they need when they need it.

Students who take an SAT class through Veritas Prep also get to use many self-study materials. For instance, your child can take advantage of Veritas Prep’s online resources like in-depth lesson guidebooks, and a parent’s guide to the SAT. The online supplements that are offered ensure that your child always has access to SAT study resources that can help them reach their fullest potential on exam day.

If you are ready to get your child the help they need with a Knoxville SAT class, contact an academic advisor either by phone or through the contact form on this page. An SAT class could be just what your child needs.

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