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Top SAT Classes in Jackson, MS

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Top SAT Classes in Jackson, MS

If you are a high school junior or senior in the Jackson, Mississippi, area, you’re probably looking into the college application process. In so doing, you’ve probably heard about the SAT. It is a high-stakes test that universities and colleges around the country utilize as part of the competitive application process. If you want professional help with your test prep, Veritas Prep offers detailed Jackson SAT classes to help you prepare for the exam.

There are four sections total on the SAT: Writing/Language, Reading, Math, and an optional Essay. The SAT’s Writing and Language section covers topics such as vocab and English grammar. Our Jackson SAT classes provide examples of the types of words you need to know, helping you concentrate on the things most likely to appear on exam day.

The SAT’s Reading section consists of reading comprehension questions. The passages provided on the exam may be drawn from a variety of sources, but no prior content knowledge is required to answer any of them. Our Jackson SAT classes cover active reading techniques such as note-taking to help you identify the most important bits of information. You may also learn to look at the questions before you read the passage so that you know exactly what you are reading for.

The SAT’s Mathematics section is divided into two halves, one of which allows the use of an approved calculator while the other does not. It might seem tempting to use the calculator on every question it’s available for, but doing so costs time that you don’t really have. Instead, test-takers are encouraged to use the calculator only when necessary, though double-checking your work is fine if you have a little extra time at the end.

The SAT’s Essay section is completely optional, though some schools may require a score. Our Jackson SAT class teaches students like you how to effectively outline your essay before you start writing it, preventing you from awkwardly staring at your test booklet wondering what to say next.

Each of our Jackson SAT class instructors earned a top score when they took the test, making them a gold mine of information on everything from the exam’s formatting to how to leverage the test against itself. We also offer multiple classes concurrently, making it easy to fit one into your lifestyle.

Whether you hope to attend a local school such as Jackson State University or a dream school outside of the state, a Veritas Prep Jackson SAT class could prove to be a smart investment in yourself. Contact an academic advisor today for more information!

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