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Top SAT Classes in Houston, TX

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Top SAT Classes in Houston, TX

College-bound high school students can improve their application to the school of their dreams by scoring high on an assessment like the SAT. This standardized exam lets you demonstrate your readiness to be successful performing college-level work. It’s essential to be as well prepared as possible on test day. Veritas Prep has a virtual Houston SAT class that can help you work towards a score accepted by schools like Rice University, the University of Houston, or other top colleges and universities.

The Houston SAT class provides comprehensive instruction on SAT content, including the test structure and question format. That includes the three required, multiple-choice sections and the optional essay. The Reading section tests you on reading comprehension, and the Writing and Language section examines your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and other mechanics. The Math section gauges your abilities in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. To complete these three required sections, you’re allowed 3 hours. If you write the essay, which requires you to explain how an author builds an argument, you’ll have an additional 50 minutes.

Veritas Prep’s Houston SAT class gives you access to a virtual classroom with a live instructor and even virtual peers. You can sign up for a section that meets at a convenient time for you. During class, you can interact with the teacher and fellow classmates. In addition to covering all the academic topics on the SAT, your instructor can provide test-taking strategies that can help you make the best use of your time to answer the most questions on the exam. They can also help you understand how to read questions that might be confusing if you’re not prepared how to answer them during your studies.

In addition to class instruction, you get access to a variety of study materials, including video lessons with guidebooks, a parent’s guide to the SAT, and live online assistance when you have a question outside of class. You can use these materials to spend extra time studying content you find especially challenging. With the live class, video lessons, and detailed guide books, you can feel confident that you’re thoroughly prepared to do well on the SAT.

Veritas Prep is excited to assist you as you work to achieve your SAT goals. Contact an academic advisor today. They can answer your questions and get you signed up for a Houston SAT class to help you make the most of your SAT study time.

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