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Top SAT Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

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Top SAT Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

If you are a current high school student who is looking to attend a college or university in the Grand Rapids area, such as Grand Valley State University or Western Michigan University, you may need to perform well on the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test that is used by a lot of universities as a part of the admissions process. The SAT can be quite daunting because of its length, the amount of material it covers, and the fact that it can be considered an important part of a students application for entering into higher education. If you believe that you could benefit from signing up for a Grand Rapids SAT class, contact Veritas Prep so that we can provide you with more information.

The SAT consists of four sections, including the Essay section, the Math section, the Reading section, and the Writing and Language section. The Math, Reading, and Writing and Language sections are graded between 200 and 800 points while the Essay section is graded between 6 and 24 points. Additionally, the Essay section is considered optional. If a student decides to participate in the Essay section they will have 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish the full exam, but if they decide not to participate in it, they will have 3 hours to finish it.

Signing up for a Grand Rapids SAT class through Veritas Prep can be a helpful way to prepare for the exam. Our SAT classes involve working with live instructors who present material through an online setting. The Grand Rapids SAT class consists of 25 hours of instruction over a five-week period. Each instructor has been confirmed to have scored well on the exam. As such, they are qualified to help students prepare for the exam by going over the material on the test in a comprehensive manner, while also providing students with test-taking skills that could prove helpful on exam day.

Veritas Prep’s Grand Rapids SAT classes are offered at several times throughout the day. This means that even students who participate in extracurricular activities or work after school still have the option of taking a class. Additionally, students who sign up for a SAT class are given access to supplemental material, such as on-demand video lessons, live homework help, and guidebooks. This enables students to continue studying on their own.

If you are interested in learning additional information about a Grand Rapids SAT class, feel free to contact Veritas Prep either online or over the phone.

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