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Top SAT Classes in Dallas, TX

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Top SAT Classes in Dallas, TX

High school juniors and seniors need to think about the next steps they’ll take after they graduate, and for students in Dallas, schools such as Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas-Dallas, the University of Dallas, and others come to mind. Whatever school they’d like to attend, most students know that they will need to supply a college admissions score from an exam like the SAT in their applications. The SAT is a comprehensive exam, and it could have a bearing on your future, so it’s a good idea to prepare for it ahead of time. Veritas Prep can help you study with our Dallas SAT class.

The SAT assesses your knowledge of academic topics and skills with three required sections. The Writing and Language section and the Reading section combine for half of your overall SAT score. The Math section, composed of a portion where you can use a calculator and a portion where calculators are not allowed, makes up the other 50%. There is also an SAT Essay section, but it is not required. You should find out if a school you’d like to apply to wants to see an SAT Essay score before you sign up for the test. If you do complete the essay, you’ll get a separate score for it that does not figure into your composite SAT score.

Dallas SAT classes put you in a virtual classroom with an instructor and classmates from the comfort of your home. You get 25 hours of live instruction over five weeks. Your instructor scored highly on the SAT themselves, so they can share insights into how to perform at your best on the exam while covering the academic topics on the tests and strategies for each section in depth.

Dallas SAT classes are easy to attend. We offer multiple different sections, so you can sign up for a section that meets when you want to study. Also, when you sign up for a class, we give you a valuable set of self-study materials you can use to study on your own when you have extra free time. You get on-demand SAT video lessons, corresponding lesson guidebooks, a parent’s guide, and access to our live homework help sessions if you have trouble solving practice problems.

If you’re ready to get started in the Dallas SAT class section that matches your schedule, reach out to Veritas Prep today.

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