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Top SAT Classes in Columbus, OH

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Top SAT Classes in Columbus, OH

If you are planning to take the SAT, it is worth your time to prepare well. Because the SAT is a factor in many college admissions processes, a high score many positively impact your application to schools such as Ohio State University - Columbus or Capital University. Veritas Prep provides Columbus SAT classes to help you make the most of the time you spend preparing for the SAT.

The SAT is made up of three sections that are required to complete the exam and one optional section. The required portions are Reading, Writing and language, and Math. The required portions receive scores on a range from 200 to 800. It is important to mention that although the Reading section and the Writing and Language section are separate sections, they share a score. Math is scored on its own. The optional Essay portion of the exam is scored from 6 to 24. The SAT takes three hours to complete if you only complete the required sections. It takes three hours and 50 minutes to complete if you opt to take the Essay portion.

Columbus SAT classes give you excellent live instruction in a virtual classroom. Your instructor will be someone who scored well on the SAT. You and your classmates will listen to lectures, have discussions amongst yourselves, and ask questions of your instructor that create a collaborative learning environment. You instructor can tailor their instruction to the needs of the class. For example, if several people in the class are struggling with algebra on the Math portion, the instructor can demonstrate problem-solving techniques and important concepts for the whole class to see.

In addition to the learning that takes place in class, Columbus SAT classes give you access to robust self-study materials. You can use resources such as lesson guides and advanced video lessons to study effectively outside of class. You are able to expand your knowledge of the content on the SAT, become more comfortable with the types of questions that appear on the SAT, and build your skills. Columbus SAT classes offer live homework assistance at regular hours to help you with troublesome homework problems.

You experience in a Columbus SAT class from Veritas Prep can help you to feel more confident and prepared to go into the SAT. You will hear excellent instruction, use thorough study materials, and enjoy the flexibility of online learning. If you are interested in joining a Columbus SAT class, contact an academic advisor over the phone or online today.

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