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Top SAT Classes in Cape Coral, FL

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Top SAT Classes in Cape Coral, FL

Your SAT score can be a key component when it comes to applying for college. Local schools, such as Florida Gulf Coast University, encourage students to submit their score as part of the admissions process and use it as a factor in determining to who they will accept to be part of their student body. Preparing to take a comprehensive exam such as this can be a challenging process. Veritas Prep offers Cape Coral SAT classes that can help you get ready for exam day.

The SAT is a standardized exam that consists of three required sections, as well as an optional Essay section. The required sections are Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. Those three are each scored on to earn a combined score from 400 to 1600, with the optional Essay section scored from 6 to 24. Those who opt to take the optional section are given 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete the entire exam. Those completing just the required sections are given 3 hours.

A Cape Coral SAT class is an efficient way to prepare yourself for the exam. Veritas Prep offers live online instruction through a virtual classroom for 25 total hours over the course of five weeks. The expert instructors of these classes have experience taking the SAT themselves and are verified to have scored in a high percentile. Classes cover not only the material that will be on the exam but also test-taking strategies and tips for how to attack each section. Instructors can teach you ways to leverage the test against itself by using the answers to certain questions to help you solve additional problems later on.

Students in a Cape Coral SAT class are also given access to an array of study supplements that they can work through at their own pace. On-demand video lessons are available, as is live homework help to assist students with any problems they find challenging to work through.

Your SAT score could be a factor in determining whether you get into your university of choice. A Cape Coral SAT class could be a factor in attaining your desired score. If you think that one of these classes could give you a better chance to succeed on exam day, feel free to complete the form on this page or contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor by phone. This sort of SAT class could be just what you need to prepare you to go into exam day with confidence.

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