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Top SAT Classes in Austin, TX

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Top SAT Classes in Austin, TX

Whether you’re looking to attend the University of Texas at Austin or one of the other great colleges in and around the Lone Star State, a strong score on the SAT is a great thing to have in your portfolio. While the SAT is only part of a student’s profile, it’s an important one, and a great score can go a long way toward getting that acceptance letter. However, preparing for the SAT can seem overwhelming on your own. If you’re looking to get a little extra help toward pursuing the SAT score you desire, an Austin SAT class through Veritas Prep is a great way to start.

The SAT is one of two accepted standardized tests toward college admissions, and it consists of three main sections, testing Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics. The test also includes an optional Essay portion. Students will receive a score of 400 to 1600 on the three main sections and a score of 6 to 24 on the essay if they choose to complete it. Test takers receive three hours to complete the SAT without the essay and three hours, 50 minutes if they decide to attempt the essay.

An Austin SAT class can help you learn how to use this time effectively and work in a manner that maximizes your chances of success. When you take a class through Veritas Prep, you’ll have access to live instructors presenting from a remote classroom, ready to offer assistance to you. These instructors have already had success on their own on the SAT and can help pass along advice that helped them get the score they wanted on the test. Plus, Veritas Prep understands that its students have busy lives and busier schedules. That’s why Austin SAT classes can be done on your schedule through multiple concurrent sessions. If you can find the time to study, you’ll find a class that fits in with your study schedule.

Signing up for a class will also give you access to Veritas Prep’s self-study materials to give you further help with your goals. For example, you’ll gain access to on-demand video lessons to help you go in-depth on a subject that’s giving you trouble, available whenever you want. With plenty of online materials available whenever you have time to view them, you’ll have everything you need to give yourself the best chance of success on the SAT.

If you’re ready to get started with an Austin SAT class, contact one of our academic advisors to find the class that works best for your needs. An SAT class through Veritas Prep could be just the thing you need to make your academic goals a bit more realistic!

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