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PSAT Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep has PSAT prep packages to meet your students learning needs. We aim to help students access the kind of study support that is suited to them. Whether your student is simply preparing for the SAT or is motivated by the college scholarship it is used for, just contact our academic advisers to sign them up for incredible PSAT preparation.

The Preliminary SAT, or PSAT, is offered to students in 10th and 11th grades to allow them to get a feel for the SAT. Students who do particularly well may be able to achieve recognition as a National Merit Scholar.

The PSAT takes two hours and 45 minutes to complete. Students can score up to 1520 between the four sections of the test: Evidence-based Reading, Writing and Language, Math with a calculator, and Math without a calculator. Students will need to demonstrate a variety of skills. The Evidence-based Reading portion, for example, will have your student read a passage and answer critical thinking questions about themes and details. Math without a calculator will ask them to solve advanced math and data analysis problems, among others. Thorough test prep can ease test-related stress on the day of the exam and we can help you connect with excellent choices.

One of our top PSAT prep options available is PSAT tutoring. We can match you with a fantastic private tutor who can develop a customized study plan that encompasses the topics that you need to review the most. One-on-one learning allows your student to enjoy the full attention of their instructor. PSAT tutors can work at a pace that works for your student, whether they need to work slowly to build their communication skills or they breeze through basic algebraic concepts. Your student’s tutor may even provide personalized learning materials and tools that can help them remain engaged in the material as they learn it.

Personal tutoring is meant to be as convenient as possible. Your student’s tutor can work around their schedule to ensure that they can prioritize their study sessions. They can stop a session to get clarification, allowing them to cut down on misunderstandings that could impact their exam results.

It’s easy to reach out and find PSAT prep that can support your student as they prepare for their exam. Veritas Prep’s academic advisers are standing by to answer your questions and tell you more about our available services. Take your student’s study efforts to a new level!

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