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PSAT Courses Near Me

If you’ve been looking into PSAT courses, Veritas Prep can give you the answers you need. The PSAT is often given to students in 10th or 11th grade, allowing them to experience the real SAT before they take it. It can also be used to apply for the National Merit Scholarship or even to earn recognition as a National Merit Scholar, which requires top scores. Regardless of their testing goals, your student may benefit from a PSAT course through Veritas Prep.

The Preliminary SAT, more commonly known as the PSAT, is a four-section exam that allows students two hours to complete it. The first section is Evidence-based Reading. It contains 47 multiple-choice questions and can earn between 80 and 380 points. Your student will have one hour to read passages from history, world literature, and science before responding to critical thinking problems. The Writing and Language section spans 44 questions. Your student will need to be capable of expressing ideas and understand standard English conventions. They can achieve 30-380 points in this 35-minute portion. There are two Math sections, one of which allows a calculator and one that does not. The no-calculator portion allows 25 minutes to solve 47 problems concerning algebra, advanced math, and data analysis. The calculator-allowed portion takes students 45 minutes. It contains 47 math problems. Both of these two sections offer 160-760 points towards student’s scores.

PSAT courses can offer students support as they prepare for the exam. This test can give your student a variety of benefits, which can provide a strong motivation to succeed. By building their testing and study skills, your student can enter their classroom on the day of the test feeling relaxed about the material. Your student may be able to take their study sessions to a new level with the guidance of our test prep courses. Through ongoing support and engagement, your student can spend time reviewing literary analysis topics, practicing their abilities in data analysis, and explore test-taking strategies that can help them work efficiently throughout the exam.

Thorough test prep can make a world of difference by allowing your student to keep the information at the forefront of their mind. Help your student review and refine their skills for the PSAT.

Your student can reap the benefits offered by a PSAT course. Veritas Prep’s academic advisers can help you learn more information about what our courses entail, as well as help you sign up your student.

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