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PSAT Classes Near Me

Veritas Prep offers PSAT classes to help your student make the most of their time preparing for this exam. The PSAT is taken by 10th or 11th-grade students. This exam allows them to become more familiar with the sorts of questions and rigors of the SAT, which they may take when applying to college. Additionally, high scores on the PSAT may qualify your student for recognition as a National Merit Scholar. If your student is planning to take the PSAT, PSAT classes may be an excellent way for them to improve their confidence and skills for this exam.

The PSAT contains four main sections. The first is Evidence-Based Reading, and contains 47 questions. Students have one hour to complete these questions, which are related to world literature, history, and science. This section receives scores from 80 to 380, which is half of the verbal score for the test.

In the Writing and Language portion there are 44 questions, and takes 35 minutes to complete. Students will receive a score from 80 to 380 and will need to demonstrate their understanding of grammar, usage, and English conventions.

Math is divided into two sections, one with a calculator and one without a calculator. There are 47 total questions. The part without a calculator takes 25 minutes to complete, and the questions with a calculator take 45 minutes to complete. Each of these sections receive a score from 160 to 760. In both, students will be tested on their understanding of algebra, advanced mathematics and problem-solving.

PSAT classes provide an avenue for your student to dedicate focused time to preparing for this exam. Standardized tests can be a factor at many stages of your student’s academic career. Giving them the opportunity to learn how to study and prepare for these sorts of exams can be a great benefit, not just for the PSAT, but for the rest of their academic career. By helping your student to become more familiar and comfortable with the sorts of questions that appear on the PSAT, they can increase their confidence, as well as their skills.

As your student prepares for the PSAT, consider registering them for a PSAT class from Veritas Prep. Helping your student to make the most of this academic experience can prepare them well for the PSAT and other standardized tests. If you would like your student to receive the benefits of a PSAT class from Veritas Prep, you can contact academic advisors online or over the phone.

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