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Strategies and Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety and Acing the SAT

Our experts at Veritas Prep understand that test anxiety is a real issue for many students. Some of the symptoms of test anxiety include excessive sweating, a fast heart rate, and trembling. Test anxiety makes it difficult for a student to perform well on the SAT. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help a student to relax. Take a look at this collection of strategies for overcoming test anxiety.

Take Plenty of Practice Tests

Taking SAT practice tests helps a student prepare for the type of material that will be on the actual test. In addition, it allows a student to become familiar with the format of the test as well as the time allotted for each section. By taking practice tests, a student who experiences test anxiety gets a feel for the SAT before test day arrives. In fact, students may want to think of a practice test as a dress rehearsal. SAT practice tests play an important role in our SAT prep courses at Veritas Prep. Students have the opportunity to review their answers with one of our online instructors. Our instructors are experts at offering tips on how to approach challenging questions on the SAT. Students learn SAT test-taking strategies that help them to feel more confident about taking this important test. A student who feels prepared and confident is able to cast off feelings of anxiety about the test.

Start Studying Long Before Test Day

Not surprisingly, students who wait until the last minute to prepare for the SAT are likely to experience test anxiety. One of the best strategies for overcoming test anxiety is to start studying months before test day. At Veritas Prep, we have effective SAT prep classes and SAT seminars taught by professional instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the test. We help students gradually prepare for the SAT so they can absorb all of the information they need to know. Students who dedicate themselves to studying for the SAT can overcome their anxiety.

Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Some students who experience test anxiety may find that they have a lot of negative thoughts on test day. They may tell themselves that they won’t do well on the test and that they aren’t prepared. Replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones is one of the most practical tips to overcome test anxiety. A student has to be aware of the negative thoughts and immediately replace them with positive thoughts. Students may even want to whisper positive thoughts to themselves. They should tell themselves that they are prepared to do their best on the SAT and have the tools to succeed. Students should not allow negative thoughts to shake their confidence. For students with the goal of overcoming test anxiety, tips like this one prove tremendously helpful on SAT test day.

Perform Simple Breathing Exercises

When it comes to overcoming test anxiety, tips on how to breathe in a relaxed way can be helpful. Sometimes students who are anxious about the SAT will start to take shallow breaths or even hold their breath. When this happens, a student must take one or two deep breaths, slowly exhaling each time. This controlled breathing helps to relax the body.

Get Adequate Rest the Night Before the SAT

One of the simplest tips to overcome test anxiety is to be sure to get a good night’s rest the night before the SAT. A student who has slept for eight or nine hours the night before is well-rested and prepared to put forth their best effort on the test. Alternatively, a student who tries to cram in study time the night before the test will be groggy as well as anxious about the SAT. It’s a good idea to set a relaxed, positive tone on test day.

Finally, at Veritas Prep, we believe that a student’s best strategy against test anxiety is the proper amount of preparation. We are proud to provide students with quality study resources. Our excellent instructors give students valuable SAT test-taking strategies that will help them to push off anxiety and ace the test