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Veritas Prep is known worldwide for exceptional test preparation services, both at the high school and college level. But did you know we also offer elite 1 on 1 tutoring services that can serve the Orlando, FL area? Our tutor screening process is so rigorous that less than 10% of applicants pass through both the background screening and subject matter expertise exams. This means that you can be 100% confident that you’ll receive a tutor that is truly exceptional.

On top of this demanding screening process, we offer our customers a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind that we’ll not only meet but far exceed your expectations on what a tutoring experience can be. We are helping students in Orlando take their learning to the next level

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Orlando, Florida features fine institutions such as the University of Central Florida, Adventist University of Health Sciences, and Valencia College. Students in Orlando can secure a quality education at one of these schools or many others in the vicinity, but they need to earn admission to their program of choice first. Colleges and universities consider a variety of factors in their admission decisions, but admissions test scores are frequently an important factor. If you’re having a hard time preparing for a test like the SAT or GMAT, Veritas Prep can set you up with an Orlando tutoring or online test prep solution that fits into your budget and schedule.

The following chart illustrates the educational attainment level of Orlando residents over the age of 25, as well as how it compares to the Floridian state average:

High school students in Florida usually take the SAT as their college admissions test of choice, but students also have the option of taking the ACT. Similarly, students and professionals in the workforce who are looking to build on their undergraduate work may need to take an exam such as the GRE or GMAT to pursue admission to their preferred program. At Veritas Prep, we are proud to connect you with Orlando tutoring and test preparation services geared specifically to each of these exams. We also offer programs for the HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, and PSAT to help students at a variety of levels pursue their academic goals.

The following list compares the median earnings of Orlando residents ages 25 and up according to their level of educational achievement:

Level Orlando Earnings Florida Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $56,500.00 $59,000.00
Bachelor’s Degree $41,600.00 $44,000.00
Some College $29,700.00 $31,300.00
High School Diploma $23,600.00 $25,500.00
No High School Diploma $17,500.00 $19,500.00

Generally, students in Orlando who invest in further education earn more money per year than their counterparts who decided against a similar investment. Standardized exams are no reason to deny yourself future earnings potential. If your test prep could use a boost, the academic advisors at Veritas Prep can point you toward a program that makes sense for you.

For example, we offer Orlando test prep courses that you can use to prepare for an exam on your own. Everything streams in HD quality on your preferred mobile device, so you can pause a video and pick up where you left off later for added convenience.

We also offer live Orlando test preparation classes taught by knowledgeable instructors who did well on the exam you’re preparing for, making them a great source of insight on what material you will see on test day. They can also share test-taking strategies you can fall back on when you’re stumped.

Orlando tutoring services are the best option if you want to maximize your potential. The personalized learning environment a tutor provides allows you to focus on your exact needs with experienced guidance and support. Orlando tutors can help you work on the sections, strategies, and time management skills you need to maximize your potential on test day.

The following list reveals the most common bachelor’s degrees that Orlando residents pursue:

Year Degree Graduates
2015 Registered Nursing 155
2015 Radiographer 138
2015 General Health Services 39
2015 Diagnostic Medical Sonography & Ultrasound Technician 25
2015 General Biomedical Sciences 15

If you’re considering grad school, you may find the following list of graduate degrees earned by Orlando residents more interesting:

Year Degree Total Grads
2015 Occupational Therapy 22
2015 Nurse Anesthetist 20

Students take standardized exams at all rungs of the educational ladder to demonstrate their knowledge and illustrate their readiness for a new challenge. Whether you are preparing to take a test for the first time or trying to improve your score on a subsequent attempt, reach out to our academic advisor either by phone or online for more information on how we may be able to help you. Our Orlando tutoring and online test preparation services can help you execute a solid study plan.

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