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Online Reference For Test Preparation

Unprepared students cringe at the thought of having to take a test. In fact, the majority of students end up cramming their study time the night before taking the test, if they prepare at all. Properly prepared students realize that a little time and dedication will reward them with lesser stress, higher grades, and great financial rewards for persistent excellence. They generally follow a common list of tips, including keeping up-to-date with assignments, taking adequate notes, using active-learning strategies, adapting to their learning style, finding a place without distractions, and creating study tools to help understand the course material. In addition, prepared students utilize their time wisely by making summary sheets, flash cards, and practice tests to use during down time. Smart students also ask for help when they do not understand the course material by staying after class, getting a private tutor, and finding a study partner who can help reinforce the information obtained during class.

Test Taking Tips

  • Test Stress: Ten Terrific Test-Taking Tips: PBS Kids offers ten test-taking tips to help students ease their worries about passing the test while sitting in front of the exam.
  • Checklist: Test-Taking Strategies For Middle and High School Students: A document that instructs students on imparting sound test-taking strategies when it comes to sit down for the exam, including how to read directions, tackling multiple choice questions, reading comprehension, approaching essay topics, and understanding basic mathematical concepts.

Note Taking

  • Note-taking Resources: How to Study offers an extensive series of note-taking resources for the dedicated student.

Reducing Test Anxiety

Cramming Techniques

Study Tips

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