Kellogg at a Glance

Class size 715

Applications 4300

Admissions rate 20.6%

Applicant yield 55%

Average GPA 3.60

Average GMAT score 728

Female students 41%

U.S. Minorities 26%

Key deadlines

Round 1

Application due 18 Sep 2019

Decision release 11 Dec 2019

Round 2

Application due 8 Jan 2020

Decision release 25 Mar 2020

Round 3

Application due 8 Apr 2020

Decision release 13 May 2020

Featured article

Kellogg Class Profile

Kellogg favors applicants with at least two years of full-time work experience and goes to great lengths to tell applicants that full-time work experience is valued and expected.

Most popular articles

Admissions: What Kellogg Is Looking For

Evaluation criteria. Officially, Kellogg states on its website that the admissions committee evaluates candidates on scholastic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, career performance, and management potential. These are pretty standard across any MBA program, although the term motivation points to the fact that Kellogg looks for candidates who absolutely love the school and have specific, well-thought-out motivations for applying.

Employment & Careers at Kellogg: Nuts & Bolts

Open list vs. closed list interviews. In an era when big recruiters wield a lot of power in the MBA recruiting process, Kellogg has worked hard to preserve opportunities for career switchers. At least half of a recruiter’s interview slots must be reserved for “open list” interviews. This means that students may bid points to secure an interview with an employer, even if their resume may not seem to fit with the role at first glance.

Admissions: The Interview

Where should I interview? Kellogg takes a unique approach to its interview process in that it requires all applicants request an interview date as part of their application package. Interviews may be requested on or off campus. If you’re located outside the Chicago area, it is recommended that you request an on-campus interview, as that is the best way to see the campus and experience firsthand what Kellogg is like.