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ISEE Prep Near Me

Searching for ISEE prep can lead to many results found, but look no further than Veritas Prep. All levels of the Independent School Entrance Exam are accommodated with preparation providing your child with the tools and strategies to help them pursue success.

If you’re looking for ISEE prep, then you may already know something about the exam or subjects that could be covered, but here is a general overview.

The ISEE is intended to assess the skills of each applicant, allowing your child to be ranked among students in the same grade. This helps schools identify candidates applying for admission. At the beginning elementary level, there is ISEE Primary 2, 3, and 4, with each number representing the next grade your child will be entering. If your child will be preparing for a higher grade level, there is ISEE Lower Level for grades 5 and 6 and the ISEE Middle Level for grades 7 and 8. For ISEE Primary 2, 3, and 4, the exam will be similar in regards to the sections tested, but ISEE Primary 2 will have one more section added: Auditory Comprehension. Each of the ISEE Primary exams will increase in the number of questions asked in each section the higher the grade that your child will be entering. The ISEE Lower Level and ISEE Middle Level exams will consist of the same types of sections, but the Middle Level will contain more questions within those sections compared to the Lower Level.

With the three ISEE Primary exams Reading and Mathematics sections are tested for as well as an untimed Writing Sample section that doesn’t count for or against your child’s total score, but prospective schools will be able to see it. Time limits for each Primary exam range from 53 minutes to 60 minutes. The time limits for the Lower and Middle Levels however, are 140 and 160 respectively.

ISEE preparation through Veritas Prep can be the help your child could benefit from. Through repetition and a focused approach to fit your child’s abilities, he or she could be better suited to face the challenges the exam may provide. ISEE tutoring services are a great way to help your child build confidence in the subject material and topics they will encounter on the exam. ISEE tutors are experts at assessing the areas that your child may require a more in-depth study plan or more focus on.

Signing up for ISEE prep through Veritas Prep is quick and simple. Academic advisors are standing by online and by phone to help answer any remaining questions you have or a more detailed explanation of the services provided. Let us provide you with the support and preparation you’re looking for with ISEE prep.

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