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ISEE Courses Near Me

When you’re looking for an ISEE course, Veritas Prep has you covered. We provide students with exceptional test preparation for all levels of the Independent School Entrance Exam. Contact our academic advisors today so they can help you set your child up with an ISEE course for the version of the exam they’ll be facing.

If you’re interested in an ISEE course, you probably already know a few things about the exam, but here’s an overview.

The ISEE serves as an assessment that independent schools use to identify quality candidates for admission. The exam comes in separate versions that correlate with a student’s academic level. For students at the elementary school level, there’s the ISEE Primary 2-4, where the number corresponds with the grade a student will enter next. All three ISEE Primary versions include questions on Reading and Math as well as a Writing prompt, but the 2nd-grade version swaps out a few of the Reading Questions for a small section covering Auditory Comprehension.

The ISEE - Lower Level exam tests students entering grades 5 and 6 in Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematic Achievement, and an Essay section. These same sections appear on the ISEE - Middle Level for 7th and 8th graders and ISEE- Upper Level exams for high school, but with challenges set for the proper levels of sophistication.

The Writing Sample and Essay sections of the ISEE do not earn scores, but prospective schools will see them. Times allotted for the exam range from less than an hour for the ISEE Primary 2 to 2 hours and 40 minutes for the ISEE - Upper Level.

Whatever version of the exam your child will face, Veritas Prep can meet their ISEE course needs. We can help students prepare for the topics the exams cover while helping them develop test-taking and study skills. The ISEE aims to assess a student’s foundational knowledge of academic topics, but preparing for the exam in advance can help students build their fluency so that the challenges they face on the test are at the front of their minds. Skills like reading comprehension can improve if a student gets repetitions and understands both what to expect from the test as well as what kind of considerations they should be giving to their answers.

Connecting with Veritas Prep for ISEE course assistance is easy. Academic advisors are standing by online or on the phone to answer your questions, explain our services, and sign your child up. Let us provide the test prep help you’re looking for from ISEE courses.

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