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Tips to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension for the SAT

Most students know that there are four sections on the SAT. One of those is the reading section. Many students who are preparing for this part of the test want to know how to increase reading speed and comprehension. They may love to read, but they want to be able to read in a more focused way. Check out some tips and strategies on how to improve reading speed and comprehension while preparing for the SAT.

Be an Active Reader

Students who are active readers constantly ask themselves questions as they read. This is one of the most effective reading comprehension tips that a student can put into practice. It’s an invaluable technique to use while working on the passage-based reading portion of the SAT. A student may ask, “What does the writer mean by this statement?” or “What is the writer trying to convey?” By asking these questions and others, a student remains engaged with what they are reading. If a student doesn’t do this, their mind may start to wander. This usually results in the student having to reread the passage. We use first-rate study resources to provide effective SAT prep classes at Veritas Prep. Our experienced instructors offer tips for reading comprehension as well as tips for all of the other sections on the SAT. Students interested in getting help preparing for the SAT can attend one of our seminars. We are proud of our reputation for helping students to boost their SAT scores!

Read with Purpose

Reading with purpose can boost students’ reading comprehension skills as well as their reading speed. When working on the passage-based reading section of the SAT, it’s a wise idea to scan the question as well as the answer options. This may give a student an idea of what to look for while reading a passage. For instance, the question may concern the main idea or theme of the passage. A student who is reading with a sense of purpose is able to spot important ideas. Alternatively, a student who simply starts reading a passage without any forethought may miss important points. Reading with purpose allows a student to quickly filter out the information they need to correctly answer the question.

Look at Groups of Words Instead of Just One

One way a student can improve reading speed is to focus on two or three words at a time instead of just one. By doing this, a student is able to take in more information in a quicker way. Many of the words that a student groups into two or three while reading will likely be words such as the, a, an, and, etc. These words don’t add to the ideas or meaning of a critical reading passage.

Use a Pencil While Reading

Finally, one of the more practical ways to improve reading speed is for a student to move a pencil underneath each line they read in a passage. The movement of the pencil can prompt a student to read in a quick and steady way. Using a pencil while reading can also help a student to focus all of their attention on the passage.