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HSPT Prep Near Me

HSPT prep is available through Veritas Prep. We pride ourselves for our vast selection of test prep services. You can find one that suits any type of student, whether they learn best independently or in a one-on-one setting. The HSPT can be a daunting exam for any student to prepare for. Give your student some guidance by contacting our academic advisors to learn more about the HSPT preparation options that can offer support as they learn.

Eighth-grade students may decide to take the HSPT or the High School Placement Test. This exam can be used to apply to an independent school, for a scholarship, or to determine what course level they should be in if they are accepted. The exam is split into five sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Mathematics, and Language.

The Language section is composed of 60 questions divided between usage, spelling, punctuation and capitalization, and composition. Mathematics focuses on principles and problem-solving skills across 64 problems while reading contains 62 questions about vocabulary and comprehension. There are 52 questions in the Quantitative section, which cover number series, comparisons, and number manipulation. Lastly, the Verbal portion asks 60 questions about verbal analogies and classifications; synonyms and antonyms; and logic. HSPT prep can be an extensive task. However, you can lessen your student’s load with one of Veritas Prep’s test prep packages!

HSPT tutoring is a flexible and convenient option that allows your student to work one-on-one with an expert. The instructor can create a fully custom experience that includes a personalized learning plan. They can get to know your learning style, interests, testing goals, areas of opportunity, and other factors that play a role in your academia. HSPT tutors can work at a pace that allows your student to get the most out of their online study sessions. Their instructor can patiently answer questions as thoroughly as they need to ensure that your student understands the material. Your student’s tutor may even create custom learning activities or materials to help them remain interested as they learn.

Building your student’s academic skills can be challenging, especially when a test is approaching. Custom instruction can help ease test-related anxiety as they prepare. Your student can spend time practicing their time management skills, exploring the concepts on a deeper level, or getting to know the format of the exam.

You can support your student’s test prep efforts with the help of Veritas Prep’s HSPT prep packages. Our academic advisors can tell you more about our services. Get in touch by phone or use the contact form above!

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