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HSPT Courses Near Me

If you’ve been looking for HSPT courses, you’ve come to the right place! Veritas Prep offers students a variety of test prep services that aim to support them as they develop test-taking and study skills. This test is often submitted to independent and private high schools, though it may also be used to apply for a high school scholarship or determine a student’s course level placement. Our academic advisers can help you choose an HSPT course that can support your student’s study efforts.

The High School Placement Test, or HSPT, is offered to students in the 8th grade. It covers Verbal Skills, Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, and Mathematics sections for a total of 298 multiple-choice questions. Each section is timed. For instance, the Verbal section allows 16 minutes to answer 60 questions while the Mathematics portion covers 64 questions in 45 minutes. Time management is a critical component to completing this exam within the allotted time. The exam is scored based on how many questions are answered correctly, rather than penalizing students for wrong answers. Your student will want to prepare for this exam to put their best foot forward on it.

HSPT courses can help your student remain focused as they review for the test. We can support their efforts to study concepts like geometric and non-geometric comparisons, vocabulary, basic geometry, and other material from the exam. Your student can work on building their time and stress management skills to help them feel relaxed and confident on the day of the test. In addition, your student can work on becoming familiar with the testing format, pacing, and requirements. This exam strives to assess your student’s abilities to determine if they are suited to the school for which they are applying. By preparing for this test, they can be ready for the challenges it presents.

Studying for an approaching exam doesn’t have to be complicated. An online test prep course can offer a convenient solution to your student’s study needs. We aim to help them as they work to learn valuable test-taking techniques that can help them with this and other future exams.

Your student doesn’t have to prepare for this exam on their own. Our HSPT course can help them work efficiently as they study. Veritas Prep’s academic advisers can answer your questions about the benefits of an online test prep course, as well as help you sign your student up for one.

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