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HSPT Classes Near Me

If you want to ensure that your student has access to all of the educational opportunities they can, you might be looking into formal HSPT classes. The HSPT is a high-stakes test taken by students in Grade 8 as part of the admissions process at some independent and private high schools around the country. Some schools may also use an applicant’s score to award scholarships or determine which class level makes the most sense as a starting point. Veritas Prep offers one of the most comprehensive HSPT classes in the industry if you’re looking to give your student a competitive edge.

Some students take HSPT classes in order to develop a familiarity with the structure and formatting of the test. It contains five distinct sections: Language Skills, Mathematics, Reading, Quantitative Skills, and Verbal Skills.

The HSPT Language Skills section contains 60 questions answered over a 25-minute time period. Topics covered include Punctuation and Capitalization (12 questions), Usage (28), Spelling (10), and Composition (10).

The HSPT Mathematics section contains 64 questions over a 45-minute testing session. Twenty-four of the questions address mathematical concepts, while the forty remaining questions measure a student’s Problem-Solving skills.

The exam’s Reading section contains 62 questions and lasts 25 minutes. Forty of the exam’s questions assess a student’s Reading Comprehension skills, while the remaining 22 center on Vocabulary skills.

The test’s Quantitative Skills section contains 52 questions that students have one half hour to answer. The topics covered include Number Series (18 questions), Geometric Comparisons (nine), Non-Geometric Comparisons (eight), and Number Manipulation (17).

Finally, the HSPT Verbal Skills section contains 60 questions over a 16-minute testing session. Some of the topics covered by this section of the exam include Verbal Analogies (10 questions), Synonyms (15), Logic (10), Verbal Classifications (16), and Antonyms (nine).

Clearly, the HSPT covers a diverse array of topics. The best way to prepare for it is to zero in on your student’s unique areas of opportunity, rather than spending equal time on everything. For example, a student who reads their English textbook for fun probably doesn’t need to use too much valuable study time preparing for the Language Skills section. Instead, they should concentrate on the Mathematics and Quantitative sections in order to improve their study efficiency.

Taking Veritas Prep’s HSPT class may also help students get more comfortable with the types of questions they may expect on test day, helping to guide their preparation. If you would like to learn more about our HSPT class or any of the other test prep solutions we offer, please reach out to an academic advisor using the information provided below for more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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