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Houston GMAT Prep Courses

Houston was recently rated as one of the best cities for young professionals to live. It’s also one of the best cities to attend a Veritas Prep GMAT class. Our Houston GMAT courses combine 36 hours of in-class instruction, 12-full length practice tests, unlimited homework support and a free retake of the entire class. So, you can see that Veritas Prep offers the best GMAT class in H-Town. Scroll down to find a Houston GMAT course for you.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


I literally could not have asked for a better teacher. I have no idea where they pulled this guy out of, but most likely from a magician's hat. The dude is a wizard, and better than were most of my teachers at Harvard
-Niko H.


I did my undergraduate studies 10+ years ago and found Veritas Prep to be extremely helpful in preparing me for GMAT. It's very much like learning a new language. I highly recommend the program to everyone.
-Karen S.


The course materials set up the content in an easily digestible format and allowed me to slowly build up competencies. I'm confident I could not have prepared for the test as comprehensively on my own
-Jonathan P.


Veritas has pleasantly surpassed my high expectations. Retaining a full year of online resources and the privilege to retake the course at a later time has proven immeasurably valuable to my journey.
-Jim S.

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There are many reasons to pursue an MBA degree. Maybe you're a working professional looking to add a new dimension to your resume. Perhaps you're an undergraduate student who would like to learn more about the topics you've studied in school. Either way, you might need to take a high-stakes exam called the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) if you hope to get into a great local school such as Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University or C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. The GMAT is a standardized test written with the needs of high-level business programs in mind, allowing admissions departments to get a sense of how an applicant might fare in their program. If you're ready to take your test prep to the next level, Veritas Prep can set you up with self-study Houston GMAT course materials and other tools to help you put your best foot forward on the day of the exam.

What Content Areas Does the GMAT Cover?

There are four sections on the GMAT: Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. Each of these serves a vital purpose in the eyes of many business programs. Analytical Writing assesses your communication skills, providing an indication of how well you can share ideas with co-workers and clients. Quantitative Reasoning emphasizes analytical thinking, logic, and data analysis, all skills that business executives use on a day-to-day basis. Verbal Reasoning measures a test taker's command of English language mechanics, an important skill with the prevalence of text messaging and email in the current corporate landscape. Finally, Integrated Reasoning measures your ability to apply what you have learned in school to real problem-solving scenarios.

You can try to prepare for all of that on your own, but you'll probably end up behind individuals who invested in a Houston GMAT course. Instead, reach out to Veritas Prep today to get the expert help you need to pursue your potential! Let's take a closer look at how Veritas Prep may be able to help you section by section:

1. Analytical Writing Assessment

The GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment is a 30-minute essay prompt requiring test-takers to evaluate the merits of a provided argument. The topic can be anything, but don't worry - you aren't expected to incorporate any prior knowledge of the material into your analysis. Instead, you're graded on a scale from 0-6 based on your topical analysis, syntactic variety, organizational clarity, and understanding of the text provided.

One of the best ways to prepare for any written assessment is to practice your outlining skills in a Houston GMAT class. It may seem like a waste of time to burn some of your valuable test time on something that won't be graded, but the time you save by always knowing what to say next is more than worth it. Following an outline can also make it easier to structure your work in a manner that's easy for readers to understand.

Likewise, you need a strong grasp of the material you just read in order to analyze it effectively. If you could retain more of the information you read, you might want to practice active reading skills such as note-taking during your Houston GMAT prep course to improve your retention. It may also be faster to refer to your notes than dig through the entire passage if you need to double-check something.

2. Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section is basically a math test. You have 62 minutes to answer a total of 31 multiple-choice questions, and you are scored on a scale from 0-60. Notably, most students fall into a range of 6-51. Problems on this section of the exam may be split into two categories: problem-solving and data sufficiency.

Problem-solving items are comparable to other exams you may have taken in the past. You are given data and asked to use it in order to solve problems. While the formatting may be familiar, you shouldn't underestimate this section of the test. It may be prudent to look at some practice problems during your Houston GMAT course so that there won't be any unwelcome surprises the day of the exam.

Data sufficiency questions work a little bit differently. Instead of answering a question using data provided, you must indicate when you could solve the problem using the information provided. It seems strange at first, but it actually closely resembles a common business scenario. You don't want to make a decision without the numbers to back it up, so research is necessary. However, researching too much can lead to ""paralysis by analysis"" and prevent you from seizing a fleeting opportunity. Finding the right balance should be a key component of your Houston GMAT prep course.

3. Verbal Reasoning

The GMAT's Verbal Reasoning section is comparable to standardized English Language Arts assessments you may have taken before. You have 65 minutes to answer 36 multiple-choice questions, and you are scored on the same basis as the Quantitative section. Questions on this section fall into three categories: sentence completions, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.

Sentence completions are basic grammar items asking you to select the most grammatically-correct choice from those provided. You have probably been taking similar exams since elementary school, but they can still be tricky. Reviewing a few sample questions during your Houston GMAT course may prove beneficial.

Both reading comprehension and critical thinking items require test-takers to completely digest written information and draw conclusions from it. The GMAT's reading comprehension questions tend to emphasize inferring new information from what is directly stated, while critical reasoning emphasizes how to create and analyze arguments and plans of action. The active reading skills recommended for the Analytical Writing Assessment will come in handy here as well, so don't neglect them in your Houston GMAT prep course!

4. Integrated Reasoning

Finally, the GMAT Integrated Reasoning section is where it all comes together. You must apply many of the concepts from other portions of the test to business scenarios modeled after the real world. You have half an hour to answer 12 questions, but each question has multiple parts that make time management more important than you might expect. This section is scored on a scale from 1-8.

This is probably the GMAT section with the greatest question variety, as you can expect to see multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, graphic interpretation, and table analysis on any given exam. You may not have worked with these types of questions before, making practice during your Houston GMAT course even more important. For instance, multi-source reasoning problems require you to use data from completely different sources. Some of the material may not be relevant at all, so jotting down what everything means can help you separate useful data from unusable.

Similarly, two-part analysis problems require you to select the one answer that fulfills two different sets of criteria. Selecting the first one that ""looks right"" could mean that you only answered half of the question, which is not what admission departments are looking for. Taking a Houston GMAT class can be a great way to get accustomed to thinking bilaterally for these problems.

What Test Prep Solutions Does Veritas Prep Offer?

Veritas Prep can set you up with self-study Houston GMAT course materials, Live Classes, and one-on-one tutoring services. Each Houston GMAT prep course contains practice exams and interactive video lessons that you can stream in HD quality on your computer, iPhone, or iPad for maximal convenience. You also get access to regular live homework help so that you can get an expert answer to any questions you may have.

The included practice exams also follow the same formatting as the actual test. The GMAT is taken digitally, so practice tests can help you develop a familiarity with its electronic interface. It also uses Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, meaning that questions are selected as a real-time response to how a test-taker is faring. Some students find themselves second-guessing previous responses whenever they perceive a question as easy, but doing so is generally less productive than concentrating on what is in front of you.

If you feel that you could benefit from a more structured learning environment, you might want to look into a Live Class. Each class is taught by a knowledgeable instructor who personally scored within the 99th percentile on their own GMAT, making them an excellent resource to tap into. An innovative online classroom also facilitates real-time interactions with your teacher and classmates, making you feel like you are sharing the same classroom without the hassle of a commute!

Most people preparing for the GMAT already lead busy lives, so Veritas Prep offers multiple Live Class sessions simultaneously to make it easier to find one for your schedule. If you're looking for more flexibility, a private instructor can meet you whenever you are available. A tutor can also take the time to understand your unique learning style, allowing them to design study sessions around it for optimal efficiency. Best of all, every tutoring package includes either a self-study course or a Live Class to compliment your personalized instruction.

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