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Algebra Concepts and Resources

  • Basic Algebra Concepts - This great tutorial gives information on the concepts of basic algebra. It is broken down into different topics including systems of linear equations, polynomials and the unity of calculus.
  • CK-12 Basic Algebra Concepts - Another tutorial that discusses various basic algebra concepts broken down into several different categories. For each subcategory listed there is a practice tab that enables the user to answer 15 questions in a certain amount of time.
  • Maisonet Math - This website gives users the chance to test themselves on a variety of algebraic concepts. Each test varies in the number of questions and accepts 70% as a passing grade.
  • Algebra Review in Ten Lessons - The mathematics department of the University of Akron offers 10 algebra tutorials separated by topic.
  • Online Math Notes - A professor of mathematics at Lamar University compiled notes from his algebra course and divided them by topic.
  • Analyze Math - Find free algebra questions and problems along with the answers for many different levels of algebra including intermediate and college.
  • algebrahelp - This website is dedicated to helping students with all aspects of algebra including understanding basic concepts and using calculators.
Geometry Concepts and Resources
  • Khan Academy - This website offers a great way for students to refresh their geometry skills. The information pertains to what a student would normally learn as a first-year student of geometry. It includes several videos explaining a variety of geometry concepts.
  • Regents Exam Prep Center - Students can take a variety of different quizzes to test themselves on how well they understand geometry concepts. It also offers a section for interactive geometry games and puzzles for further learning and preparation.
  • MIT Blossoms - This page includes a variety of videos produced by educators around the world pertaining to mathematics and includes lessons on geometry.
  • IXL - Students can test their knowledge on hundreds of different math skills including 182 geometry skills.
  • Geometry Online - This website contains the history of geometry and also includes geometry problems and an SAT-type quiz.
  • Geometry and the Imagination - A collection of documents that were part of a two-week workshop at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Math is Fun - A website that discusses the bases concepts of all kinds of math including plane geometry and solid geometry.
Business Mathematical Resources Miscellaneous Math Worksheets
  • Free Math Worksheets - This website allows students to print off math worksheets involving all areas of math. It includes over 5,000 printable tests and also has practice questions for the SAT.
  • Online Math Learning - Choose from hundreds of math worksheets categorized by topics including geometry, trigonometry, probability, calculus, matrices and vectors.
  • Math Tests - Print out free math worksheets or solve the problems directly online. Worksheets cover all areas of math for different grade levels.
  • Math Worksheets Land - This site offers printable math worksheets on over 40 different categories of math. They are said to have the largest selection of math worksheets on the Internet.
  • EZ School - The Premier Education Portal - Choose from all kinds of worksheets on a variety of subject including several for mathematics.
  • Tulyn Math for All - Allows the user to choose worksheets listed by either grade level or by subject.
  • Funmaths - Provides worksheets for students in high school on a number of different math subjects including measurement, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and statistics.
  • Math-drills - Easily download and print hundreds of different math worksheets on a variety of math subjects.
Tips for Using Your Calculator to Solve Problems
  • Calculator Tutorials - Developed by Colorado Springs Department of Physics and Energy Science, this tutorial offers a wide range of tips and tricks on how best to use a calculator to help solve problems.
  • Basic TI-92 Tutorial - This calculator tutorial is specifically for the TI-92 calculator and was developed by the University of Illinois.
  • TV 411 Tune in to Learning - This page gives basic information on using a calculator to solve basic math problems including fractions, consumer math and money management.
  • Open Learn - This page helps users solve all kinds of mathematical equations by using a scientific calculator.
  • Using Your Calculator - Another great tutorial that gives all the ins and outs of solving a variety of math problems and equations with a calculator.
  • Algebra Calculator Tips - A simple webpage developed by a math teacher that gives tips for using a calculator specifically for algebra.
Test Taking Tips By Scott Shrum

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