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Veritas Prep is known worldwide for exceptional test preparation services, both at the high school and college level. But did you know we also offer elite 1 on 1 tutoring services that can serve the Greenville, SC area? Our tutor screening process is so rigorous that less than 10% of applicants pass through both the background screening and subject matter expertise exams. This means that you can be 100% confident that you’ll receive a tutor that is truly exceptional.

On top of this demanding screening process, we offer our customers a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind that we’ll not only meet but far exceed your expectations on what a tutoring experience can be. We are helping students in Greenville take their learning to the next level

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Greenville, South Carolina has colleges and universities like Furman University, the University of South Carolina Upstate, and Bob Jones University. However, before you can get started at the program of your choice, you may need to take a standardized exam to apply to it. Veritas Prep can help you prepare for your next standardized test with our various Greenville tutoring and online test prep options. Continue reading to learn more.

Below, you’ll see the academic achievement level of Greenville residents over the age of 25 as they compare to the average throughout South Carolina:

Veritas Prep has a Greenville test prep option for many of the most widely taken standardized exams. For example, we can help high school students in the area as they get ready to take the ACT and SAT. College students and degreed professionals who are ready to jump the corporate ladder can use our services to prepare for stringent tests like the GMAT and GRE. We can also help you with Greenville tutoring options for AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, the SSAT, and the ISEE, among others. We’d love to use our experience in test preparation to help you pursue all of your testing goals.

Here, you’ll see the median earnings of Greenville residents over 25 based on their highest level of academic achievement:

Level Greenville Median Earnings South Carolina Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $60,100.00 $54,000.00
Bachelor’s Degree $45,000.00 $44,900.00
Some College $31,000.00 $31,500.00
High School Diploma $23,500.00 $26,100.00
No High School Diploma $15,900.00 $19,100.00

As you can see, students who earn advanced degrees boost their chances of economic success later in life. Whether you’re pursuing your next degree for financial reasons or because you just love what you’re studying, Greenville tutors are a solid way to take your first step. We also offer test preparation in various formats that may appeal to different types of students. For example, a class takes place in an online classroom where instructors earned a top score on the exam you’re preparing to take.

Other students may prefer to sign up for a Greenville test prep course. Courses feature interactive video lessons that you can view on-demand. That means this is a good option for students who need to keep their study plan flexible.

Of course, Greenville tutoring is our premium option. A personal tutor allows students to get personalized feedback from an expert on the exam they need to take. A tutor can create a customized learning plan for you focusing on your unique needs. Whichever Greenville tutoring option you choose will also come with access to Veritas Prep’s powerful online learning supplements. You can use these to take your work through additional practice problems and other materials.

Below, you’ll see the most sought after bachelor’s degrees in Greenville:

Year Degree Graduates
2015 Registered Nursing 394
2015 Speech Communication & Rhetoric 267
2015 General Psychology 217
2015 Elementary Education & Teaching 194
2015 General Business Administration & Management 192

Similarly, this list shows the most popular graduate programs in all of Greenville:

Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management 220
2015 Other Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research, & Clinical Nursing 164
2015 Social Work 80
2015 Educational & Instructional Technology 63
2015 General Educational Leadership & Administration 57

Does Greenville tutoring and online test preparation from Veritas Prep interest you? If so, then the next step you should take is calling an academic advisor on the phone or reaching out to chat with them online. You can tell them about your goals and needs during the test preparation process, and they can help you find the best test prep fit. We’d love to use our expertise to help you get more out of your test preparation process.

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