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Understanding and Planning Ahead for the GRE Test Format

Undergraduate students who want to go to graduate school do a lot of things to prep for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Learning about the GRE format is one way students can get a sneak preview of what they will encounter on test day. At Veritas Prep, we provide GRE tutoring services that help students to become familiar with the format of GRE questions. We teach students strategies that they can use to tackle any question on the test. Discover the three sections of the test and take a closer look at some of the details of the GRE format.

The Verbal Reasoning Section

The verbal reasoning section of the GRE contains reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence questions. Students have 30 minutes to complete each of the two parts in this section. Multiple choice is the format of GRE questions in the verbal reasoning section; however, these multiple choice questions are presented in different ways. In some of the questions students are asked to choose the correct answer from five options. In other questions, students consider three options and select one or more correct answers. Along with multiple choice questions, there is a section where a student must find a sentence within a passage that fulfills a given description. Text completion questions require a student to choose from multiple options to find which word best fits in a given sentence. In the sentence equivalence section, a student must select two words from a list of six that make sense when inserted into a sentence. Certainly, it’s very important for students to note the instructions for each portion of the verbal reasoning section before getting down to work. Our professional tutors at Veritas Prep offer valuable instruction including helping students expand their vocabulary for the GRE. We want students to be familiar with the definitions of the words they see so they can make the correct choices throughout this section.

The Quantitative Section

Students must have skills in algebra, geometry, data interpretation, and basic arithmetic to earn a high score on the GRE. Test format for this section is multiple choice. Students are given 35 minutes to complete each of the two parts in this section. Some questions require a student to choose one answer option, while other questions require one or more answer selections. There are also some questions in this section that ask a student to enter a numeric answer. Many of the numeric entry problems deal with fractions. Students who take our GRE prep courses get the opportunity to practice all of these math skills. We offer tips to students on how to simplify math problems that require several steps to solve. Each of our Veritas Prep tutors has had great success on the GRE. Not surprisingly, students appreciate the insight our tutors are able to provide on various portions of the test.

The Analytical Writing Section

Analytical writing is also a part of the GRE. Exam format for this section features two writing prompts. One of the prompts asks students to write an argument essay while the other asks for an issue essay. These essays challenge a student’s ability to organize and state ideas clearly, as well as offer supporting evidence and examples. A student’s position on an issue is not as important as the way it is expressed. Students are given 30 minutes to complete each essay.

The Best Prep for Every Section

Students who know about the various questions on the GRE, exam format and the time they have to complete each section will feel more at ease as they sit down on test day. Also, taking practice tests can serve to build the confidence of a student who is nervous about the test. Our Veritas Prep tutors offer individualized instruction to students. We give students practical tips on how to approach questions in a logical way. Our excellent study resources help students in their pursuit of a score high on the GRE.

Finally, we have a proven record of effectively preparing students for the GRE. Test format discussions, study strategies and advice for decreasing test anxiety are part of our online GRE study program. Contact our offices at Veritas Prep today and let us help you study for the GRE.