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Every Veritas Prep GRE tutor has demonstrated mastery of the official exam. That’s a given, but it’s also just the beginning. We go to great lengths to match you with a tutor who perfectly suits your learning style and will work with your busy schedule. We guarantee you will love your tutor.


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How it works

Best GRE Tutor for You

Find the best match

Private tutoring is perfect for dedicated students who seek individualized attention during their GRE preparation. One big advantage of our tutoring is that both the curriculum and the schedule are uniquely designed for your needs.

GRE Tutoring Study Plan

Create your study plan

An expert instructor with experience in tutoring GRE students just like you will work with you to diagnose areas in need of improvement and arrange a GRE study plan unique to you, guiding you on every step of the study process.

GRE Tutoring to Unlock Your Potential

Unlock your GRE potential

You will work with your GRE tutor to determine the best tutoring schedule, learn advanced strategies needed for the toughest problems, and improve areas of unlocked potential. You will have everything you need to succeed.

“I honestly don’t know how you could create a better test prep outside of downloading information straight into your brain. The instructor was light-hearted and funny, the skillbuilders were helpful and the practice tests were top notch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

- Garret J.

Comprehensive Support

In addition to the time you spend with your primary tutor, you can interact with our support tutors online, asking them homework questions throughout the week. You will also receive 1 year of access to your student account filled with GRE resources, including articles, video lessons, and instructor help.

The gift that keeps on giving

Every Veritas Prep GRE tutoring student can attend one of our 30-hour live online Full Courses for free. All in all, any tutoring package you choose will include the following:

Personalized curriculum, schedule, and instruction
Official GRE Practice Guides
Online student account with study plan
Practice problems and solutions
Live online homework help
Every GRE lesson pre-recorded for your review
1 year of full access to all GRE student resources
The Veritas Prep GRE Course ($1,400 value)


10 hours


An introduction to our approach to the GRE.


20 hours


The perfect balance of self study and tutoring.


30 hours


Ideal for those aiming for a 99th-percentile score.


40 hours


Leaving nothing to chance in your GRE preparation.

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