Tips on When & Where to Take the GRE

Where and when can you take the GRE? These are just two of the many questions students have when they decide to take the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE. Specifically, the person needs to find out how to register for the test as well as when and where to take the GRE. Check out some helpful information for students who want to learn more about the process of signing up for the GRE.

Tips on When to Take the GRE

When can you take the GRE? The GRE is given throughout the year. It’s a student’s responsibility to look at their schedule to determine the most ideal time to take the exam. It is necessary to study for this exam, so students should choose a time of year that allows them ample opportunity to prepare. Many students opt to take the GRE during their junior year as an undergraduate. They know that their senior year will be hectic as they apply to graduate schools and study for midterms and final exams. Also, taking the GRE in their junior year means they have plenty of time to receive their scores and retake the test if necessary. Some students take the test in the summer between their junior and senior year as an undergraduate. Our instructors at Veritas Prep are effective at helping students to practice for the GRE regardless of when they plan to take the exam. We teach students how to use our strategies to simplify test questions. Our online GRE prep classes are convenient for busy individuals who want to achieve their best possible scores on this critical exam.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Students looking to sign up for the GRE must visit the GRE section of the Educational Testing Service website. This website enables students to choose when and where to take the GRE. Also, they can submit the test fee and learn more about the test itself. In addition, students can make note of test registration deadlines so they don’t miss any important dates. Late registration or rescheduling can result in extra fees. Students may want to print the schedule of important test dates on the website so they can refer to it when they need to.

Finding Out Where to Take the GRE

Most students want to find a test location that is near their home. When students go to the GRE section of the Educational Testing Service website, they are able to perform a search that narrows the options to the test centers closest to their residence. Once a student chooses a test center, they must check the test time and seat availability. If there are seats available at the test center, then a student who is registered to take the GRE is able to claim a seat for test day. Students receive a printable confirmation via email once they settle on a test date and location.

What to Consider Before Signing Up for the Exam

It’s a good idea for students to take some time to think about the test day that would best fit their schedule. In short, it’s important to decide on a test day and stick with it. Students who try to reschedule their test date or change their test location are subject to fees. Of course, these fees would be in addition to the basic fee a student pays to take the GRE. Students should avoid choosing a test day that takes place around the time they are taking midterms or final exams at school. Taking exams for school and tackling the GRE can cause a student to feel really stressed out. This can result in a poor performance on the GRE. In addition, it’s advisable for students to take the GRE on a day when they have nothing else planned: They shouldn’t have any team practices, games, meetings, or any other activities scheduled for that day. This allows them to place all of their focus on performing well on the GRE.

Students benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional instructors when they prepare for the GRE with Veritas Prep. Whether it is the GRE, the GMAT, or another important test, we have the resources that can help students achieve their best on test day. Contact our helpful staff and get started today!