Planning Ahead: The Costs of Taking the GRE Exam

Students who plan to take the GRE have a lot of questions about the various steps in the process. One typical question is: How much does it cost to take the GRE? Like most standardized tests, there is a fee involved. But, there are other types of costs for students to keep in mind as they prep for this test.

The Cost of the GRE

Right now, the testing fee (PDF) for the GRE is $195.00. This fee applies for both the paper-based and computer-based test. Today, most students take the GRE via computer. Early in the process, students are able to search for a testing location that’s near where they live. They simply enter the name of their country, state, and city into the search engine and view the results. Once they find a nearby testing location, they look to see if there are seats available on an upcoming test day. All of this is done via the Educational Testing Service website. At Veritas Prep, we have a tutoring program that thoroughly prepares students for this challenging test. Our professional tutors scored in the highest percentile on the GRE. This means that our students learn strategies and test-taking methods from the experts!

Additional Fees for the GRE

Sometimes circumstances change and things come up that prompt a student to try to change his or her scheduled test date. There is an added fee charged for rescheduling the GRE. Exam cost goes up $50.00 when this change is necessary. Also, students pay an extra fee if they want to change their test location for the GRE. Exam cost in this case increases by $50.00. In order to avoid extra fees, it’s critical that students check their schedule and consider all of the possible test dates before settling on one.

Cost to Send GRE Scores to Graduate Schools

When a student pays the $195.00 cost for GRE, test scores are delivered to up to four graduate schools. On test day, students are able to specify where they want their scores sent. If a student wants to send his or her scores to more than four schools, there is a fee of $27.00 per school. Considering the extra cost of GRE test score delivery, it’s a good idea for students to take some time to evaluate schools before submitting their four choices. Students are able to view their own test scores online for free.

Other Types of Costs Related to the GRE

How much do the GREs cost? Now that students know about the monetary costs related to the test, they should recognize that there are other costs associated with it. For example, students dedicate their time to studying for this exam. This is time they could’ve used studying material for undergraduate classes or enjoying activities with friends. Students also dedicate physical and mental energy to GRE prep. A student who is taking a full schedule of undergraduate classes must expend energy going to regular classes and studying as well as dedicate energy to preparing for the GRE. In short, a student invests a lot more than money in this test. Our tutors at Veritas Prep can give students tips on how to balance and organize their study time. This is invaluable to students who may be taking undergraduate courses, as well as working a part-time job.

The Importance of Thorough Preparation

Considering the cost of GRE test fees, as well as the dedication of time and energy, it’s clear that students must submit their best performance the first time they take this test. At Veritas Prep, we combine effective study resources with quality online instruction to provide students with top-notch tutoring. Our experienced instructors understand the stress involved in preparing for this test. We also know that thorough preparation is the only thing that can help to ease a student’s anxieties about the GRE. We want students to walk into their testing location with a sense of confidence!

Students who want to practice for the GRE with the experts can get what they need at Veritas Prep. Our GRE instruction is ideal for a student who’d like to get an advantage on this critical test.