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GRE Study/Prep Books

At Veritas Prep, we know that students who sign up to take the Graduate Record Examination want to do everything they can to feel prepared on test day. They know that their test results will be closely examined along with their graduate school application and some students opt to invest in the best GRE prep books they can find online or in their local bookstore. The chapters of these books are filled with valuable information that many students find helpful; however, students should understand that there are both pros and cons to studying with a GRE prep book. Take a closer look at the use of the best GRE prep books for help with the test.

Using Books to Study for the GRE
A student who sits down with the best GRE study book has to put aside time to read each day in order to absorb all of the information. If the student is still in undergraduate school, this takes time away from writing papers, studying for tests, and reading textbook chapters. Plus, many GRE prep books ask students to complete exercises which can be even more time consuming. A student who is very busy may not be able to complete regular school assignments, as well as practice exercises in a GRE prep book. In short, the book may end up gathering dust on a table. Students who prefer to participate in guided practice and want expert instruction can get those things and more in our GRE prep courses at Veritas Prep. Instead of reading a few test-taking tips, students learn strategies from instructors who have real life experience with the GRE. While some students like to study independently, others appreciate the guidance they receive from our professional instructors. Our instructors have the training and experience to teach students how to best approach the questions on the GRE.

The Pros and Cons of GRE Study Books
Of course, there are both pros and cons when it comes to using even the best GRE study book on the market. One of the pros is that a student can choose a book that focuses on a particular section of the exam. Someone who needs extra help with math skills can select a book that concentrates on preparing for the quantitative section of the GRE. Another pro is that a student may be able to sell the book after he or she is done with it.

One of the cons of studying with the best GRE test prep book is that a student receives no feedback from an instructor. The individual may be confused by something in the book, but has no one to ask for clarification. Another con of using a GRE study book is that sometimes the author assumes that the reader knows information about the test that he or she may not know. This can lead to frustration and confusion. Our tutors at Veritas Prep use quality study resources to enhance their instruction. Students are able to ask as many questions as they like until they feel confident about a section on the exam. We want our students to fully understand what they need to do to master the GRE.

The Missing Element in the Best GRE Test Prep Book
There is one thing missing from every GRE test prep book. That is the ability to offer face to face encouragement to a student. The chapters in GRE prep books may offer encouraging words, but those words mean more when they come from a live instructor who has personally dealt with the student. Our instructors are excellent at encouraging students as they tackle their most challenging subjects. A student who is trying to strengthen his or her basic geometry skills or memorize vocabulary words needs to hear encouraging words at every step in the process. Not surprisingly, some students who sign up with Veritas Prep feel like they have a partner in their quest to excel on the GRE! This can give a big boost to a student’s confidence as test day approaches.

Finally, students who want to benefit from the expert guidance of our instructors at Veritas Prep can email or call our offices for more information. They can also find quick answers on our frequently asked questions page. We take pride in giving students the tools they need to achieve their best possible scores on the GRE.