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GRE Quantitative Practice

There are three sections on the Graduate Record Examination or the GRE. The quantitative section is one of them. Questions in the quantitative section challenge a student’s abilities in arithmetic, basic algebra, basic geometry and data interpretation. The results of this test reveal a student’s skill level in basic mathematics. At Veritas Prep, we offer online courses that help students to achieve their best scores on the GRE. Quantitative prep can include reviewing practice questions with an instructor, learning valuable test-taking strategies, strengthening basic mathematical skills, and more! Discover some of the most effective ways to practice for the quantitative section of the GRE.

Take Sample Tests to Prep for the Quantitative Section

By taking a sample test (PDF), students can find out which skills they’ve mastered and which ones need improvement. In fact, the results of a practice test can be one of a student’s most valuable resources as they study for the GRE. A student who studies with Veritas Prep can go over their sample test results with one of our instructors. We are skillful at advising students on how to improve specific math skills. There’s another reason it’s important to complete quantitative GRE practice questions. Doing so, students can establish a test-taking rhythm that helps them to finish each of the two parts of this section in 35 minutes. They may even want to allow themselves a few extra minutes to review their answers. Establishing a test-taking rhythm enables a student to tackle this portion of the exam with confidence and efficiency.

Focus on the Skills That Need Improvement

After completing many quantitative GRE practice questions and checking the results, students can plan out their study time. Not surprisingly, students with organized study plans will not waste time reviewing skills that they already understand. Students studying with a Veritas Prep instructor can get suggestions on how to approach math problems that appear to be complicated and overwhelming. For instance, an instructor may suggest that a student look through all of the answer options even before scanning the problem. Then, after looking at the problem, a student can eliminate answer options that are obviously incorrect. This narrows down a student’s options and simplifies the task of solving the equation. Students who work with us have a clear advantage on the GRE. Quantitative prep questions are much simpler when a student partners with a professional Veritas Prep instructor.

Utilize Different Problem Solving Strategies

Veritas Prep instructors have plenty of tips to give to students as they are preparing for the GRE. Quantitative review questions allow students the chance to put some of those valuable tips into practice. For example, when a student encounters a puzzling algebra problem, it is possible to find the answer by plugging in each answer option to see which one is correct. A student can practice this skill whenever he or she encounters a confusing math problem. Another tip for students to keep in mind is to draw any shapes referred to in a geometry problem. It is much easier for a student to determine the correct answer option without having to visualize a particular shape as well as its measurements. By the time test day arrives, using these strategies along with others will be second nature for students.

Review Math Textbooks and Worksheets

Reviewing old math textbooks is another effective way to prep for the GRE. Quantitative review questions test a student’s basic math skills. Students can benefit from completing sections of problems from old textbooks used in high school or even middle school math classes. An old textbook can be a tremendous resource for the kinds of math problems that students encounter on the GRE. There are no advanced math topics such as calculus or trigonometry included in the quantitative section of the test. Worksheets and quizzes are also helpful study materials for students who want to strengthen various math skills. In short, the more practice students get with basic algebra, geometry, and arithmetic, the better prepared they will be when they tackle this section of the exam on test day.

So, if you want to excel on the quantitative section of the GRE, contact our offices and sign up with Veritas Prep. Our team is dedicated to your success!